Worrying symptoms

I have had two smear tests, after my first I had abnormalitys and was sent for a colposcopy 6 or so months later I had a second smear test with the same result but stupidly missed my appointments for the second colposcopy. I’m now worrying about symptoms I’m having such as watery discharge, mild abdominal pain, groin pain, recently a late very painful period and sometimes a heavy feeling in my vagina, I’ve also experienced blood streaked discharge from time to time. I have a third smear test booked in around 2 weeks time but my symptoms are causing me concern. Advice would greatly be appreciated.


I am sorry you are so panicked. please call your GP for an emergency appointment and ask them to repeat the smear.. make sure you tell them over the phone the symptoms and I am sure they will see you ASAP.

I am not saying that to worry you.. I am saying/advising you that so that you do not spend the next 2 weeks panicking and worrying maybe unneccesarilly!!! I am a Health anxiety sufferer so I understand the fear etc.

big hugs sweetie


Hi thanks so much for your advice, I think it is a case of just getting my mind put at rest.