Worrying symptoms??

Hello to everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my queries. I have found this site extremely helpful in my run up to my gyno appointment (next tues) I am literally making myself ill with worry but wanted to ask if my symptoms match up with any off your own of cc? I have already diagnosed myself using google (slap of he wrist) a d don't know where else to turn drubbing myself insane. Firstly since the beginning of October I have had a watery excess discharge which me being a panicker weren't straight to go...they took swabs nothing showed up...so a couple of weeks later after having more of this excess clear discharge mucousy at times sorry if tmi, I started a period (i think) as I'm breast feeding my now 16 month old girl, period was heaven, expected it as first one since birth but after 7 days of red bleeding it carried on with brown watery discharge over 12 days...getting grandly lighter until clear again...so back to go who exams me says nothing abnormal but refered for ultrasound...I carry on for 17 more days with excess watery Lear at times mucousy discharge...appearing in gushes at times until the day before my scan I bleed again...lik a a menstrual bleed, the next day ultrasound done and sonographer says uterus kolos thick and jaggy neocons right for day 2 of menstrual bleed....anyway after 6 days of bleeding the brown discharge at times watery and mucous continues again for another 13 days gradually lighting in color until clear (as it is now) but now excess watery cleamy slightly mucousy coming everyday in gushes at time...I'm constantly wet...I'm only feeding at night to my toddler for comfort now and am becoming increasingly anxious...I tone have one skidded pelvic pain and achey sides....I broke down to the gp over a week ago and consequently am going to Gyn. My groin hurts and thigh pain the watery gushes are becoming more frequent. I am so scared right now, I had a clear smear 2 years ago but have convinced myself its further up.....has anybody who has had watery discharge in gushes containing thin stretchy mucous at times turned out to have anything less serious....I'm beside myself...thank you in advance to you wonderful ladies replying. X

Hi and sorry to hear your worried concerns but I don't blame you for the panick you feel like your not being listened to and my only advice to you is demand to see a gynae specialist asap and refuse to move until it's done! If you feel it's something then don't stop until they are certain it's nothing! I am in the process of treatment after clear smears 6 months previous to my finally being diagnosed in July. I hope to God it isn't but you need to look set your mind at rest



Hello there - I'd agree that you should demand to see a gynae specialist.  Go along  to your GP and take someone with you for support, don't be fobbed off by wishy-washy doctors.  Don't leave the doctors office until they say they will refer you on to a specialist.  Your problems may totally be down to infection but you need this to be addressed and the correct treatment given.  Please be firm when you see the doctors - don't come away until they agree to refer you to a specialist. Don't let my insistance that you see someone frighten you, this may just be a gynae problem caused by the birth of your 16 month old - this could be the main reason for your problems, but it needs attention.

I agree with the two ladies, I wouldnt wait.your health is too important. I listened ti docs and 9 months later was diagnosed with cc so if your not complete satisfied with what they say ask for further investigation …wish you all the best lea x

Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to reply, I am seeing gyno nurse specialist on Tuesday the 7th but I am not sure I'm in the right clinic (abnormal uterine bleeding) I think, will she be able to see my cervix better than doc. I've made another app to see a locum GDP today to ask her to examine why I'm getting pain, this has appeared over the holidays. The other gp said my cervix looked normal but my fear is its further up, thus causing the clear watery discharge....and brown watery after period scaring myself to death, I io feel so heavy in my pelvic region I am imagining all kinds, thank you once again for your replies, I wish you well in your own health and recovery...x