Worrying symptoms


I went for a smear 2 years ago and it came back normal. For the past year I have bleeding between periods which my doctors dismiss as cervical erosion. On examination says my cervix is inflamed and bleeds on contact. My Gp said all I can do is wait for my 3 yearly smears. Should I be worried? Swabs are fine so no infection.

the bleeding could most definatley be from an erosion or ectropion as they like to call them these days, they are quite common and can be caused by a number of things, the biggest culprits are birth control pills and other things that can alter your hormonal ballance. If it is really bothersome you can have treatment but depending on the cause they can come back.


If you are worried or bothered by it I would ask for a gyne referral to have it checked out properly, that said I wouldnt panic, bleeding between periods is only ONE of the symptoms of cc and it can be caused by MANY things.


i agree with niki- if ur not happy, take it further! It is only one sign of cc and is far more likely to be erosion, as they said. Things can be done about erosion though so I would look into seeing someone else about this.

good luck

xxx dons

Thank you to both of you for taking the time to reply.