Worrying severe dyskaryosis found in smear test

I’m so worried I had my little girl 6months ago I am 24 and just had a smear it has come severe dyskaryosis I can’t help but think the worse how likely is it that it would be cancer I’m so scared and just feel like iv hit rock bottom crying every day I asked for a smear test when I was 18 as my mum had this at 16 but they refused me can anyone tell me any information about this to help me understand it more ? X


I know it's easy to say but try not to worry. I have had the same news and they left it a year at one time as they said it can clear up itself...and it did. Mine however came back a few years later but only a small area of abnormal cells - they decided to do a loop excision which sounds worse than it was to be honest. Obviously not 'nice' but you get through it OK. Us women get used to these things especially after having a child ! lol. Just try not to worry to much and just go through with the motions of whatever you have to. Sooner treated, much better chance of nothing occurring. Thats all I tell myself. :-)

I know it's a worry and I do too, it's natural. This site is amazing for reading other womens stories. Really helped me get through things. Still is helping me. 


Take care :-)


Caroline T

Hi Thankyou it's a massive worry sounds mad but I wouldn't be as scared if I didn't have my daughter I wouldn't be as worried iv read a few other post and it has helped me a bit to think ahh I could get there have them removed and be all ok fingers crossed :) I found out yesterday and was thinking id be ok today but I'm not mill get there just takes a bit to sink in that iv got to have things done to help me but Thankyou for replying nice to know people are out there willing to listen and be there :) x

It's just not an easy situation to be in at all is it. But keep strong and positive and hopefully it'll soon be a part of the past. A phase. Us women have to go through all these grim things !!! lol

Caroline x