Worrying myself sick, super quick referal

Hi everyone,

I am ashamed to say I have only recently had my first smear test. Im am 29 and I have been putting of due to having severe anxiety of anyone examining any part of my body. I have body dismorphic disorder and the idea of a smear test was terrifying.
I had started to feel pain last month during and after deep sex with my partner so I forced myself to visit the doctor. He noticed I have missed my smear and booked me in with the nurse to have one the next day.
The nurse took a swab and commented that my cervix was slightly lower thab it should be and that this may be what is causing the pain. She recommended kegals to avoid a possible uterine prolapse.
The results from the smear came 7 days after the test and I was mortified to read that they found abnormal cell changes called high grade dyskaryosis. I received a letter with a colposcopy letter on the same day and the appointment is tomorrow (only 5 days from the date of the letter)
Two things are really worrying me.

  1. Is it normal for the colposcopy appointment to be made so quickly or are they rushing it because they have found something suspicious?
  2. Have I allowed this to get worse than it would have been had I gone for a smear test at 25yrs?

I can help but feel I have been very stupid in not going earlier. I am fearing the worst.
Any advice would be grately appreciated x

Hi Natm

I dont think that i can really answer any of your questions as different countries, and even health trust areas have different response and waiting times. they could just be super quick in your area, or have low referrals at the moment, but i dont know. however, regardless, getting a quick colposcopy is good, (even though i appreciate it deosnt feel like that and had alarmed you) as it means you get more anwers quickly!

you say that you are mortified - dont beat yourself up. a smear test is a horrible thing to have to psyche yourself up for at teh best of time, without also having to deal with aDysmorhic Disorder at the same time. you should congratulate and be proud of the fact that you went - that was a brave step, and now means that more investiagtion can be done.


i had my first smear at 25, and everythng was fine. i then had my next smear at 29 and also had abornalities found (suspected CIN3) so my answer to your second question is I dont know. its easy for me to say, but dont beat yourself up about it. ou have had your smear now and now you can get to the bottom of what is going on.


sorry that this doesnt really answer anything, but i didnt want to read and run without saying good luck and to try and reassure you. good luck in your colposcopy tomorrow xx

Hi natm!

Didn't want to just read and not reply. 

Just wanted to let you know I've also been told I have severe dyskaryosis on my first smear, and my colposcopy appointment is less than a week after. It's tomorrow actually the same as you! :) 

What time is your appointment? 

Best of luck for tomorrow, I find its always comforting to know someone else is going through the same thing. 

Lots of love xx 

Best of luck both of you! I had mine today. Keep us updated! I hope it goes well :)

They may have had availability so got you in quick for procedure. Usually they have a good idea upon examination so i imagine anything that would have stood out they would have given you an inkling. Good luck x

Hi there

My smear came back borderline (so low level changes, but with HPV present) and they had me in for a colposcopy about a week later, so I wouldnt read too much into that! I think they just like to get it dealt with ASAP, probably because they know how worrying it is if we have to wait for results and/or treatment.

Depending on the habits of your local health trust, they might even treat you  on the day, if they are sure it's high grade changes. Again, I know it doesnt sound like it, but it's probably a good thing as you won't have the stress of waiting around!