Worrying for nothing?!

Hi all, not sure I should be here as I haven't actually had an abnormal result but am terrified that I'm days away from a bad result :( I have awful family history when it comes to lady problems. Every woman in one line of my family have had hysterectomys for either endometriosis or pre cancerous cells. My mother had the very rare cancer of clear cell adenocarcinoma of the cervix when she was 32. I'm 31 and have had my routine smear 12 days ago and have been spotting since, some days bad like a period other days a little. I went to the doctors a week after the smear and have been told that the smear has obviously aggravated something. She took a swob to rule out infection, still waiting for results of this and smear. I'm also constipated which I never suffer from. Am convinced I have pre cancerous cells or worse, but I've been paranoid about this since I was 17. I'm sure I'm being ridiculous but I can't stop worrying :(

Hi there

Sorry to hear about your family history & that you're fearing bad news - if it is any help, I had my Abnormal Cells letter within 2 weeks of the smear being taken, and from reading on here, the ladies with more severe results had phone calls or letters even sooner......

Hope you find out either way soon, to stop the 'not knowing' worrying that feels so awful, I know......if it's clear you can breathe a huge sigh of relief, if not then you will be seen really quickly to get biopsies taken - I was.

Sending lots of positive thoughts your way........try to keep busy to take your mind off it, make sure you eat & sleep well.


Thanks so much. My swob has come back clear today so no infection, still waiting for the smear result. The doc said she'll refer me to a specialist anyway if both the tests come back clear because of the history and what not so I'm sure I'll know soon enough what the problem could be.

Results came back today, as borderline with a negative for HPV and retest as normal in 3 years! I'm concerned by that as usually it would be 6 months? Dr has now said that she wants me to keep a diary of my bleeding for the next month and then go and see her. I've seen posts about people having a borderline result going back 6 months later and having cancer. This is what happened to my mum, because the cancer started higher up in the cervix by the time it got to where the smear test is taken from she already had cancer and need a radical hysterectomy. Should I wait the month or do as the dr has advised? The 2 weeks waiting for the results were awful, don't know if I could go another month :/