Worrying but don't want to make an unnecessary fuss


Hi everyone,

I'm sort of new here.  I joined a few years ago but never posted at the time.

I'm not sure what to do and wondered if anyone had some advice.

I don't want to make an unnecessary fuss and don't want to worry more than I should - especially after reading some of the posts on here (others have being going through much worse than me).

I had my routine smear one month ago, and I've been referred for a colposcopy after a "mild abnormal" smear (and tested positive for HPV).

Actually, there was a sort of mix-up (which makes me less confident in them having/passing-on all my notes correctly). I called the surgery to ask when my next smear was due (I couldn't remember and thought it might be time). They said I was due and made me an appointment. When I had the smear, the nurse was confused and said I wasn't due for a year – but then said maybe I was on yearly checks because I'd had abnormal smears (and HPV) and colposcopies in the past.

I tried not worry when I got my latest results because it was “mild” abnormalities.  But now the hospital have written and said I've been classed as "routine" and they haven't got an appointment date yet (and will write again "shortly".  That was 2 weeks ago.  I'm just worried they might not be aware of my history (or maybe I'm worrying too much and my history isn't relevant because it wasn't that serious?). 

I just can't help worrying because I first had HPV in 2009 - and I haven't had a new sexual partner since then, and haven't even been sexually active for over a year (since my relationship ended) so it must be the same HPV?  Which means it hasn't cleared up and my immune system is low?

Five years ago I had "borderline changes" and HPV, and was referred for a colposcopy.  They then found mild abnormalities and I was referred for a follow-up colposcopy 6 months later.  Since then, I had 3 more colposcopies (and one of those times I also had a biopsy).  I was never told the exact level of abnormality after the first time but I think it was "mild" or "borderline" changes/abnormalities.  In 2010, I had an okay result - no abnormalities - but nothing was mentioned about whether the HPV was still there.  I was put on yearly smears for the next two smears.  They both came back okay and I was put back on 3-yearly smears.  But I don't know if the HPV was still there.

The problem was that just after my last colposcopy, I moved areas and the new area didn't test for HPV (and they didn't seem to listen when I told them I'd had it before).  I had a lot going on in life at the time, and also didn't want to make a fuss, and thought I should accept things were fine as the smear was normal.

I'm just not sure whether I should chase up the hospital for an appointment date.

I know I might be worrying for nothing - so should I just wait and not chase up?

I think partly I'm worrying more because I have had changes with my period and much more severe (and longer) PMT over the last year.  I've actually got a GP appointment next week about this (I was wondering if it was premature menopause or perimenopause).  That's also something I'm worrying about - I'm worried if I do chase for a colposcopy appointment date, I won't know if I can go because I now never know when my period will come, so I'd make a fuss and then have to cancel!

I also won't know if I have any other symptoms, such as bleeding after sex – because I haven't had sex for over a year.

I'm sorry this post is a bit long and rambled.  I'm just getting myself a bit stressed!



It's the same with all of us.Waiting to find out whats going on is

a nightmare,very stressful.So you are not on your own with that.

I hope you get some answers soon.

This site is great for reassurance and help if you need it.

Hope things turn out well for you.

Becky x