Worrying Again.

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I had a Colposcopy followed by a Lletz treatment just before Christmas. The results of which are below. A few days after the Lletz it was evident I had an infection and took antibiotics which worked quickly.

The letter I received from the hospital said I didn’t have Cancer and they think they have got rid of all the bad bits. I now seem to have another problem as on Tuesday I felt pains in my stomach, a terrible headache and kept having to pee. I went to the Doctors and took a sample of pee with me and she said she thought I had a urine infection but found particles of blood in the sample. I have taken the antibiotics for 2 days now and feel fine. I’m not peeing as much but for a long time I have had to get up for one sometime during the night. I have to go back in 3 weeks time to have another test to see if there is still evidence of blood in my pee. I have never heard of anyone having an infection which shows up blood in there pee and am really worried that I have Cancer after all. Have any of you had anything like this? I’m so worried and its very strange that this infection has occurred so soon after the treatment as I have never had a urine infection before.

Hi there. The fact that your results following colposcopy showed nothing untoward is good. I too went thru something similar and although my biopsies were clear it took me 6 months to accept i was fit and healthy. Blood in your urine could indicate a bladder infection/cystitis or even kidney stones/infection. It doesn't point to cancer, although i am not medically trained, maybe another course of antibiotics will shift whatever is lingering..x

tan 1985 Thank you so much for your reply.  I have always been a worrier and just like you I am finding it difficult to accept I am well.  As I am feeling better I think the antibiotics are working and will just have to wait for my test of a urine sample in 3 weeks time.  I'm glad you are clear of dyspasia and really appreciate your time to reply.x