Worrying again

I havnt been on for a while but im back again.


In June I went for a smear and the results came back with low level dyskaryosis. I was booked in for a colposcopy which they did and I told them that I had found out that I had a divided uterus.

Went for an ultrasound and it was found that I in fact have 2 cervixes and 2 cervical canals. So the hospital had to do the smears again, one for each cervix but because there is a thin piece of tissue dividing my vagina they couldn't get to both cervixes easily so booked me in to have the smears and colposcopy done under general aneasthetic which was done on 16th November. Now the smear results have come back and I now have high grade dyskaryosis. So I have gone from low level dyskaryosis to high level dyskaryosis in 5 months or so.


I still have the bruises from the aneasthetist taking about 10 minutes to find a vien on 16th november

Hi Lizzie, not sure if I can be of much help but didn't want to read and run so!

It must have been a shock for you to find out that you have 2 cervixes and a divided womb, but at least you and your doctors know what the score is now so they can give you the best care possible.

It must be frightening for you that your smear result is now high grade dyskaryosis. My first smear has just come back with this result and I was terrified at first but as I'm sure you'll see from reading around these forums it's very common.

Have you got a colposcopy appointment? Have they told you what the next step is?

Maybe ring your colposcopy department and see if you can find out if you don't already know answers to the above.


Just remember you're not alone in all this even though other's aren't having the exact same experiences as you we are all worried about something similar and here to help and support earchother along the way :)


Best of luck with your treatment and do keep us updated X

Thank you Clareel for your message.


I spoke to the colposcopy department yesterday and they had done a colposcopy at the same time as the smear while I was asleep. I have to see my consultant on 11th December and with high grade dyskaryosis I am trying not to worry but it is very difficult not to worry. Alot of people are thinking about buying Christmas presents but I just cant think about anything christmassy at the moment