Worrying about treatment

Back it September I posted that I was worried about starting my treatment Chemo Radio and Brachy. Thank you to everyone who responded.

Today I got the all clear. What I fight it has been. 
I didn't just want to disappear without saying to anybody at the start of their journey it is frightening but once you start it gets easier because you are doing something about it. You will have bad days but you can do it never give up. 

june 2020 irregular bleed

Abdominal scan and internal scan detected nothing

Hysteroscopy performed to check uterus- clear but this picked up irregular cells in cervix by accident.

Colposcopy - cancer diagnosed 

MRI CT and PET scans 5cm tumour found

5 chemo but only managed 4 due to low calcium and dehydrated 

25 radio

3 Brachy

3 month follow up results 4/2/21 #world cancer day  clear

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This is amazing news to hear!! Well done on kicking butt!!! 

im just at the end of my second week of treatment and I find chemo days the hardest... on bad days I allow my mind to wander with the what if it does work scenarios and this really has given me a lift so from the bottom of my heart thank you..


all the best with your future xxx

Rubyshoes keep going I found chemo days very hard and long. I had some bad days. When I had my PET scan they found slight pelvic lymph node involvement so I had extended field radiotherapy. I worked from home all the way through treatment. Before I started treatment I juiced greens changed my diet and took supplements to help prepare my body for what was to come. I continued with some supplements through treatment once my consultant agreed including biotin for my hair. During treatment my taste changed I ate what I liked when I could.

Because of covid I attended every appointment alone. 
My mind wandered especially at night.

I went on the Macmillan site and got a coach she called me once a week it was good to talk to her she helped me to look forward.

I became dehydrated during chemo and had to take calcium supplements and Iv fluid for 8 hours so just drink lots of whatever you can. I had discomfort when passing urine towards the end of radiotherapy but they explained this is common. I lost 5kg. 
I had a 3 night stay in hospital for Brachy not easy during covid. Brachy was not as hard as I thought  I chose to go to sleep in theatre for the rods to be put in place, staying flat in bed was difficult for two days in between treatment. Day three I was up showered and ready to come home by 10am. 
I hope this helps you. People who think winning isn't important have never beat cancer! 

I will now have 3 monthly check up's for the first year but will be under the hospital for 5 years.

The best of luck to you and everyone on this journey.

Well done, it's so nice to hear positive stories ?

Thank you JODZ 

Hi Petal14,

Congratulations on your successful treatment!

I've just come through a similar experience.

Can I enquire about your  follow-up schedule?

Post-treatment I have had 1 scan, 1 internal and a telephone consultation.

I  have now been passed  to a clinical nurse specialist with no more scans or appointments planned ?

From what I have read on the forums this doesn't seem like normal practice?

As you can imagine I am concerned. Anyone got any thoughts?




I had 1 MRI then phone consultation.

phone call on the 4 feb confirming all clear.

follow up in may at the clinic then every 3 months for first year further MRI then clinic every 4 months second year then every 6 months. I have just received my letter confirming all clear very good response to treatment and my appointments etc. 
my best wishes to you and everyone on this journey. 

Stay strong and be positive.

you will have good days and bad days lots of tears but it can be done. 
I found the first day of chemo hard and said I was never going back but I did. The only advice I can give is before treatment eat as healthy as you can I also took lots of vitamin c, MSM and juiced greens, during treatment eat what you fancy when you can, drink what you want your taste changes so it's not easy and get lots of sleep and rest. Stay off the internet what you read on there can be frightening. Talking helps if it's difficult with family get a coach or buddy. 
wishing you all the best.