Worrying about other cancers

Hi all,
It’s my first forum topic here - apologies in advance if I’m in the wrong forum, or if I seem to expect a diagnosis when I know that’s impossible. Some reassurance would be nice though :slight_smile:
Following a smear which showed high-grade dyskariosis (in November), I had a colposcopy/ LLETZ last month, and the result of that came back last week showing moderate precancerous abnormality (CIN2), not requiring any further treatment. I am to come back in 6 months for a smear and HPV test.

Now ever since the smear result I’ve been worrying, and that only increased over the last week. I am reassured that the cervix is now being monitored and under control, but what I worry about is the other damage that HPV can cause. Basically, I can only have contracted it from my husband, and our relationship also involved anal and oral (sorry,TMI).
Now I feel like it’s just a matter of time until something happens in those areas.
In particular, I’m a long-time sufferer of an anal itch (which does come and go though), which I normally put down to chronic candida infection (that’s never been diagnosed, but I do notice it flares up when I take antibiotics for example).
Also, over the last month, I’ve been feeling an unusual sensation of rectal fullness, which again comes and goes. But once again, when I’m more sensible, I self-diagnose this as a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome (which of course can be caused by anxiety!)
I’m making an appointment to see my GP soon (once the LLETZ-induced bleeding has stopped), and hopefully, hopefully, nothing will be found. BUT:
Am I crazy to think that because of the colposcopy findings I’m now doomed to develop sinister stuff in the anal (and oral) area?? Can I request that I get regular screenings? I’ve looked online and have only learned that having had abnormal cervical results means one is at a higher risk of developing anal/ oral/ throat cancers.

Very grateful for any thoughts at all! :slight_smile:


  • November 2015 - Cervical smear, result: high-grade dyskariosis

  • January 2015 - Colposcopy & LLETZ. Result: moderate pre-cancerous abnormality (CIN2). No further treatement required, Next smear in 6 months.

HI Layla


I am by know means a medical expert but I am a HA sufferer and also have worried about the same as what you have posted.

I was diagnosed with CIN2 CIN3 without clear margins and must return actually in March for another Colposcopy and Test of cure.

My siser has recently fought colon cancer stage 4b4 and has been told that although she has been given the all clear that its likely to return.. the story is this. 10 -15 years ago she also had high grade cervical changes and lettz and cone biopsies for CIN 3 and then fast forward 10-15 years she has colon cancer! now I cannot say these are connected however my research lead me to believe that the HPV virus once in the system can lead to anal cancer/bowel cancer, throat cancer, cervical cancer and oral cancer.

because of how young my sister is and because of my smear results and Lettz the NHS system wanted me to have a colonoscopy to check for family hereidtry colon cancer (thank fully this was all clear) however what it did say was that I had hemmoroids. now my HA since my sister was diagnosed (18 months ago) and my diagnoses ofCIN2/3  6 months ago has flared and I have had every sympton of Oral cancer- ulcers, blisters, coldsores you name it ive had it. Throuat cancer- I have had lumps, cant breath and still have enlarged glands, Ive evn diagnosed myself with anal cancer because of my hemmoroids!


I think and I really believe that it can all be linked however I also have to believe that you would have to be truly unlucky to suffer with it all, Plus now tht you are in the system if the HPV is still present in your next smear I am 100% sure they will keep a very close eye on you.


In regards to requesting tests.. I think if you have evidence and reason to request a test IE: bleeding abnormalities etc and they no your medical history then yes they will be likely to allow you to ave them done.


sorry if I have made you feel worse but hopefully have made you feel better.

Please no that cervical abnormalities are so common and that you really will be looked after.


Thake care x




Thank you very much Lottie - any information is useful. I do feel that now I'm "in the system" like you say I should be more reassured - I am truly grateful for the NHS and for the regular smears offered.

I wish you all the best with the next colposcopy. Hopefully all those other symptoms will go away, mine and yours.