Worrying about LLETZ

Hi there,I’ll start from the beginning,I’m 24 and received my screening invitation a couple of months ago,I booked it straight away & went the following week.
It was horribly uncomfortable & the nurse actually made me bleed! Anyway off I went not expecting anything & 4 weeks passed before I got the results of high grade dyskariosis,I was booked for a colposcopy & biopsy where I expected treatment to be done,the Dr at the colposcopy could see the cells & guessed it would come back at CIN2,took punch biopsys but advised I had lletz under general,results came in at CIN3 & my lletz is on Tuesday.
I’m beginning to feel nervous about the procedure & also about it coming back as something more sinister :frowning:
I’m unsure what to expect on Tuesday so any stories would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

Hey hun

I had my lletz on Monday 21st December I too like you was absolutely bricking it to say the least.....was so frightened.....but it was not bad at all....I got their around 7 where I was in a waiting room had to fill out a few forms...did a urine sample and basically just wait.. the nurses were all really nice they let me wait in a room with a tv and bed in as I informed them I didn't sleep the night before as I was too anxious....anyways I was first on the list (as the nurse when I had my pre lletz meeting asked if I could be first because of my anxiety)......

I basically changed into the hospital gown then went down to theatre I was scared but the anesthesiologist really calmed me down.......I remember them pitting the needle in my hand but to be honest needles don't really scare me after that I remember being woken up by a lovely nurse 

I don't remember a thing 

I slept for a bit then they gave me a cup of tea and some toast

Had to have a wee before I could go home 

The surgeon came to see me to let me know everything went fine.....to be honest I was too tired to ask him all the questions I actually wanted too

I did ask him if I had cancer and he said it was highly unlikely he the nurse checked my blood pressure and pulse a few times 

Gave me some pain killers and my hubby picked me up

I didn't have any bleeding...still haven't up till today just a small amount of discharge 

I have a little pain but I had that before I had my lletz

But honestly babe it's not bad at all....it's nothing to worry about....you do feel a bit tired a couple of days after but again I've read some woman don't

I think for me the hardest part now is waiting for the results but thats to be expected 


Hope it goes well xx