Worrying about follow up treatment

I am 46, and have had Cin 1 (cleared on its own), CIN2 treated with LETZ, and now at follow up colposcopy & Biopsy found CIN 2 on the outer edge of my cervix, near the vaginal wall, all within 1 & half years.  I have high risk HPV.  I am waiting to hear what my treatment will be.  Any ideas what next steps will be....another Leep or maybe hysterectomy??  Please reply, would love to hear similiar experiences.  very anxious x

Hello. I had CIN 2/3 found on a colposcopy and those cells were on the outer edge Of my cervix, so they told me they would do LLETZ under general anaesthetic, which they did today. that may be an option for you. Try not to worry yourself, I did about it and it wasn't too bad actually. Just have to wait for results. Big hugs xx

Hello, thank you for replying so quickly, and after having treatment so soon! The waiting is the worst part i think. I think it will be LLETZ again as well. I am also worried as the nurse said, the abnormal cells she found on colposcopy wouldn't have shown on a smear test.  So guessing I will have to have colposcopies from now on as well :( . Good luck with your results and thanks again for replying xx

I don't have any advice but I didn't want to read and run... I am in a similar situation at the minute, so I would be interested in advice too!  

I've just had a biopsy for abnormalities that my smear didn't pick up, it was close to the edge of my cervix and I have been told it lies in at an awkward angle (brilliant!). Just waiting for my results to see what happens next... I think I remember the nurse mentioning the canal? but I may have made that up myself.. I had lletz in aug '12 for CIN2 or 3.

I hope you get the answers you need and fingers crossed for you!


Thanks Jen. Good luck to you too, let me know how you get on. I'm hoping to hear next week what they going to do xxxx

Just had US scan and got large fibroid 6cm x4cm and a smaller fibroid on my uterus. Now adding to the worry of what comes next :-(. Can't help thinking I'm heading towards a hysterectomy. Anyone got a similar situation going on ? Xx