Worrying about 6 month colopscopy

Hi everyone,

I have been very quiet on here recently trying to not worry about things but today I have received my letter for my 6 month colopscopy check up. I wouldn’t be too worried but over the last week I have had a few pains in my groin. I have started running and I am running a 10k next Sunday so I did think it could be a pulled muscle and I am also aware that your mind can play tricks on you, but then on Thursday after sex I had the tiniest bit of bleeding and it was tiny and not straight after sex but now I am worrying even more.

Any support would really be appreciated

Kay xx

Hi Kay, I was just looking back at your last post after your second Lletz. It all sounded pretty good then so it's hard to imagine that anything would have occurred in that short space of time. Bleeding is always a concern, but there could be lots of innocent reasons, so try to stay positive. Good luck in the 10k run, great way of dealing with those anxious thoughts. Take care. X