Worry or Not?

I had results of severe dyskaryosis and CIN3 from my first Colposcopy. Tried to have LLETZ under local Anesthetic but am very anxious about having people around that area even after 30mg Valuim i was not able to proceed with the procedure. I went under General Anesthetic on the 3rd June and initially felt fine went i came round, experienced the rown watery discharge to star with followed by the black grit and since have progressed into a medium flow of blood - changing regular pads every 2 hours. Stomach pains are quite uncomfortable- i have to take continuios pain relief which doesnt seem to shift it. Feeling a little fain, nauseous and lack of apetite.

Is this normal?

I spoke to the gynecology team who advised that most of this is normal however it shoud be getting lighter not heavier with the bleeding and to heas to A&E - well i am petrified of having someone digging around down there again if it is not necesssary.

Any one experienced the same thing?


Hi I have had 2 Lletz procedures and cone biopsies recently both of which I developed an infection afterwards, if I was you I'd get yourself to your gp to check you don't have an infection, if you do it's just a course of antibiotics that will do the trick.

Hope you feel better soon

Sarah x

Thanks Sarah.

I went to the walk in centre last night and was referred direct into the Gynecology ward - the Consultant was really helpful - carried out an internal and advised i had bleeding from the neck of the womb possibly caused by the infection so have been given 2x types of Anti-Biotics to take for the next 7 days. Just waiting on biopsy results now.

Nikki xx 

Pleased to hear you went to get yourself checked out, the antibiotics can make you feel a bit groggy but work quite quickly.

Hope things go smoothly for you from now on.

Take care

Sarah x

I have been taken anti-biotics since Saturday night and although the bleeding has slowed down to a light flow i still have quite bad pain in my lower abdo and pelvis. Is this just part of the healing process? Ibuprofen and Paracetamol don't seem to be having much of an effect.