Worrisome symptoms (waiting for the results) HELP!


Two years ago I noticed that something is wrong with my periods. I experienced heavy menstrual flow and nausea. At the same time,It seemed to me as if I was failing to ovulate because my discharge had changed. A few months later, I started having ocassional post coitalbleeding and spotting between my periods. Later on, I went to see my gynae and she took a swab which actually came clear. I was told there is nothing to worry about as my symptoms are most probably caused by hormonal imbalance.A bit later I started suffering from extreme fatigue, lower back pain and bloating. I went to my GP again and was told it's psychological.I returned to the surgery a few days later as lymphnodes in my neck started to swell. She immediately ordered blood work which later showed that I have anaemia. Two weeks ago I had my cervical smear test done (started bleeding during the procedure) and am currently waiting for the results. I feel horrible because now I understand that the initial symptoms I initially complained about are those of cervical cancer.Since Easter things got much worse. I constantly get pain around my left kindey which comes and goes. I also get weird pelvic pressure which I mainly notice at night. In addition to this, I lost 3kg in two weeks time and my weight is only 45kg now!

Is there anything I could do before my smear results come back? I have seen my GP four times since Easter but I was only suggested to go on a pill or take ibuprofen/paracetamol.Frown


I completely understand your worry. I started having an abnormal discharge 8 weeks ago. Saw GP 3 weeks ago. He took swabs which came back clear and told me cervix looked normal. Luckily I had my smear booked for the following week. To cut a long story short-term my cervix was not normal, the Dr found a mass. She referred me immediately to Gynae without waiting for results of smear. In fact I have already seen gynae and have a date for biopsy under GA scheduled for next week, still no results. I too bleed when examined. I know this is perhaps not very reassuring but knowing what I know now I would push for an urgent referral.

I hope you get everything sorted soon. I wish you the best of luck. Please keep in touch.

Rachel x

Dear Rachel,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with me. I truly appreciate it. At the same time, I wish things are not as bad as they seem now and that further tests go well.

Did you have any other symptoms apart from abnormal discharge though?
Did previous smear tests reveal pre-cancerous changes?

I will book an appointment to see my GP tomorrow and am going to ask her for a referral straight away. Hopefully, they are going to listen to me this time. By the way, I will keep you updated.

Neda xx

Hi Neda,

I had no other symptoms other than the discharge that I knew wasn't normal for me. With recent examinations I have bled though. I too am scared and am hoping for good news.

Good luck for the GP tomorrow. I truly hope they take your concerns seriously. I too will keep you updated.

Rachel x



I saw my doctor yesterday. He said my urine came back abnormal and something might be wrong with my kidneys.
I was told my smear results should be back next week, though the doctor who performed examination last time noted
that my cervix seemed ok. I insisted on having one more check-up and got an appointment.

I was also advised to have a chest X-ray done. :/

That's all for now.

It's good that they agreed to another check-up, although hopefully you'll get your smear results in the next couple of days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that those results are clear. Have they said what they think the problem is with your kidneys? I hope that you get the answers you need and are on the mend soon.

Rachel x

As I understood, there is some kind of infection in my urinary tract and the doctor said it might have reached my kidneys.

I was given a high dose of antibiotics, meaning that I will need to take Trimethoprim for 7 days, as opposed to 3. 

It's been 4 days since I am taking the pills, but I didn't notice any changes. On the contrary, they made me feel even more sick.

To be honest, no matter what it is, I can't wait to find out what is causing all of my problems. I suppose, uncertainty is worse than 

any disease. :)

I really hope you get some answers soon too. The uncertainty is definately the worst.

It's been another couple of days now. Are you feeling any better?

Best of luck

Rachel x

Hi sweety,

I am actually feeling the same. The pain in my lower back and pelvis is so bad that even NSAIDs cannot control it. 
The worst thing is that none of the results came back yet. It will take up to 10 days to figure out if my lungs
are unaffected, though the GP was expecting to have smear results back by the end of this week. If honestly,
I just stopped thinking and, even though, I am hoping for the best, at the same time I am preparing for the worst.
It's been a long time since I feel that something is WRONG with me. :)

I keep an eye on your posts to see how things are progressing. My thoughts are with you! xx

Good luck,

Aww that sounds horrid. I'm pretty uncomfortable constantly at the moment, largely due to my investigactions on Wednesday. Have got dates for MRI and PET now for next week so I am hoping it won't be too long before I start treatment. I can't imagine how worrying it must be for you to know that something isn't right but not know what it is.


I hope you get some answers really soon. Good or bad at least you'll know what you are dealing with.knowing does make things a little easier.


Stay positive.

Rachel xxx


My smear came back clear saying that no changes were found and I should repeat the test in 3 years!

I have no idea of what my next action should be. Even though I have all the symptoms of CC and swabs/pap came back clear,

my doctor is definitely going to brush me off now. I have an appointment with my female GP on 21st of May, but that's

when I am about to get my period, so I will need to cancel it. 

The pain around my kidney is so bad and is accompanied with brown vaginal discharge and random spotting. A few years ago

I was diagnosed diagnosed with retroversed uterus and fibrocystic breast disease. Just wondering if these things could be related.

How reliable do you think the smear test is in detecting cervical abnormalities? Any suggestions of how I should go about this? :/

Brilliant that your smear came back clear. It really doesn't help to understand why you feel so unwell though does it. Really hard to say what to do now to be honest. Have you spoken with someone on the helpline on here? It might be worth giving that a go, or asking the experts. They may be able to advise you further especially if you describe your symptoms etc. As with most things I am sure there are a lot of things it could be but we automatically think the worst.

That being said I would be equally as concerned as you in the same position (not that my shoes are great right now but at least I have answers). Perseverance is the name of the game I think. Keep pushing, it's your body & you know it best.

Fingers crossed you get somewhere soon.

Rachel x

Ps I don't want to worry you unduly but some cc's start higher in the cervix so aren't detected by smear, rarer type I believe but all the more reason to push for answers whatever they may be. Xx

Thanks for taking your time to respond. I truly appreciate it! :)
I am seeing my GP tomorrow and I hope more tests will be ordered to find out where the problem lies.

What you said about some cc's starting higher in the cervix is true. I figured out carcinomas and some other types of cc
usually go undetected by smear tests or, if detected, are usually advanced (stage 3/4). Having this in mind, I will start dealing
with gynaecological issues first because they seem to be the main cause of what ever I am suffering from.

How are you doing? How did the scan go yesterday?

I'm sending you a huge hug! xx

Hi Neda,

I'm good, fully recovered from last week's investigations. MRI okay although very noisy! PET done this morning and again nothing to worry about. Worrying more about the results. Have had the results of my biopsy today and cc has been confirmed- petrified that it is going to have spread. 

I hope your GP has listened to you this morning and given you some of the answers you need.


Good luck and big hugs coming back at ya.


Rachel xx