worring!!! help!

Hi just needing some advice/more info;

I'm 24 and went for my smear.. got my results back last week and they have came with as modarate changes but with high risk hpv....

I go for my coloscopy in the morning and safe to say I'm worried sick after loosing both parents at a young age to Cancer its making worries worried!

I Haven't a clue what to expect or what this extent of changes but I have a lovely 11 month old baby here and the worring isnt helping any! 

Just wondered if anyone can shed some light? Would be VERY mowers appreciated!!!!

(bit short notice but only got my appiontment yesterday)


Really sorry to hear this I lost my dad to cancer but please don't think to negativ, I'm 24 too, your in good hands and ask to be in The know tomorrow, what ever you want to know and they can answer they will tell you xx

I'm sorry your going through this. I just had my Colposcopy done yesterday for suspected high grade changes which they sort of confimed but have to wait for biopy results.

These cervical changes are pre-cancerous, Some changes turn in to cancer  some don't. Treating is the key to prevention. A colposcopy while uncomfy it's not that bad.

I have a 9 month old, a 2 year old and a 7 year old so yes I understand the worry makes it worse. Try to rest and enjoy your little one. You will get more info at your appointment.

Hi Katy

You must be worried sick given your family history, but if it's any consolation I did read somewhere that no link has been established between a family history of cancer and increased risk of CC. It's that pesky HPV which by and large ends up causing the changes.

Your smear came back moderate, which is normally CIN2 I believe. This is not the most severe level of changes, so that's a little bit less to worry about. At the colposcopy, they will apply solutions to your cervix to see where the abnormalities are, then probably take a biopsy to confirm the exact level of the changes. Brace yourself for some waiting, because normally the biopsy results take about 4 weeks to come back. They give a clearer picture of the level of abnormality - for example my smear was borderline with high risk HPV, but the biopsies came back with mostly mild (CIN1) with some small areas of moderate changes (CIN2).

The colposcopy is not that different from a smear test really, it just goes on for a bit longer. I didnt find any of it painful, just a bit weird because someone is putting things on your cervix and no-one normally touches that! It was OK though.

If your biopsy results come back mild, they will probably ask you back in a year, as mild changes often sort themselves out. Any higher than that, they will no doubt do a LLETZ procedure to remove the abnormal cells. Apparently in 95% of cases, this is all you need to both remove the cells and kick-start the body's immune system into fighting off the HPV infection too.

Try to remind yourself that you have moderate cell changes, it's not cancer, and it's a good thing that we have regular smears in this country so that when this does happen, the bad cells can be dealt with long, long before they are able to become a problem :-)

hugs and hope all goes well this morning