Worries whilst waiting


Sorry for the panicked post. I had my smear in March 2020 and everything was fine. But the last week I’ve had random brown discharge intermittently so booked in to see the dr

She said my cervix or womb lining (think she meant opening) looks really red and doesn’t look right to her so she’s referring me to the hospital. She has taken some swabs too to send off to check for infection too.

I am going out of my mind with worry to the point I can’t even look forward to holidays or friends etc because I just presume I won’t be here. I’m so scared that it’s bad news and that I’ll never have children or worse die. I’m an over thinker to the max so whilst it sounds stupid and I know it does I can’t help feel this way or push these thoughts out my mind!

Hi @XoXo-123, I understand how scary this whole process can be. The waiting times can sometimes be the worst part. The good news is that you were clear in 2020 and your doctors are being diligent in referring you out for a second opinion. You will find that things can sometimes move slowly and you have to find things to keep you busy. I recommend staying away from google. There are so many wonderful people on this forum and this is a great support network if you need to talk. In the meantime, try to enjoy your holidays. Use that opportunity to distract yourself. Keep us updated

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Update: I have an appointment on Thursday to see the gynaecologist. Happy prayers :pray:t2:

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Best wishes at your appointment!