Worries about pain and symptoms

Hi, I got my results back from a smear and biopsy around month ago, saying I was Hpv pos and have CIN3. I will have a cone biopsy next week but I am so worried about what will come next. I have so many symptoms but not once have I been asked about them.
(I live abroad and the health care system is slightly different but still excellent).
My most concerning issue is the pain I feel in my leg. My left leg always is in pain- different places each day and worse when I’m on my period.
I’m so frightened about what the results will be following my cone biopsy.
Anyone else had similar leg pain and pelvic pain- did it result in anything or nothing?

Hi there, I’m about in the same situation as you. Haven’t gone for my cone yet either. I have high risk hpv and CIN 3 on my first abnormal pap in January. CIN 3 was diagnosed after colposcopy.I have been having lower back pain and this deep pinching pain in my right thigh and inner hip/groin area since October. It’s worse around my period but seems to be happening sooner and sooner every month now, also some spotting here and there and after sex. It’s a stressful situation to be in, but you definitely aren’t alone! My cone hasn’t been scheduled yet as I am pursuing a second opinion (wanted a more experienced doctor to do it if it comes to that). Please let me know how it goes if you don’t mind sharing!

Hi Shy_Magpie,

I went for my cone biopsy on Tuesday and all went well. Was nerve wracking when getting into the op theatre but didn’t help that I can’t speak the language here fluently but everyone was lovely!
The pain in my leg my GP and a doctor at the hospital think is more connected to a back pain or nerve problem so I will see a specialist about that too. Now just need to wait two weeks for the results of the biopsy. Fingers crossed!
Hope all is well with you.

I’m glad you’re on the road to recovery and getting the pain sorted out! How was the cone, has it been hard so far? I have two young kids to take care of and so I’m dreading the surgery and healing process. I go in for my pap smear with my new doctor tomorrow. So tired of these tests!