Hi Im due to start radiation and a small dose of chemo once a week next week for 1b1 adenodcarcinma I was to get surgery but the hospital think it may be in some of my lymph nodes very nervous but the doctor also mentioned to me that there is something on my lung that showed up ion the pet scan he said it may just be a nodule it is tiny I think he said it was 0.48mm too small to biopsy ect and they would just keep an eye on it in the future im 34 and otherwise healthy but I googled this and have scared myself that it may now be secondary cancer god im shocked by what I read has anyone else on here ever had experience with this is there any treatment to get rid of it im so worried about it thank you…

Hi Siom:

Dr. Google is a nightmare. Everytime I've googled anything I've ended up worrying myself sick which cannot be good.

Go with your doctor's plan.  He has seen your scans, he knows what's going on with you and he is going to look after you. Your speck of a nodule is so tiny and if he is happy to watch it, he must be fairly confident that it's just a benign little blob doing nothing but hanging out. My CT scan showed something on my liver so I was right where you are expecting the worse. Turned out to be nothing,but not after I had worried myself sick for 10 days.

You get started on your treatment next week so  you can start kicking this shit in the ass and then get back to living your life. I'm sure that your radiation and chemo will nuke anything even thinking of starting trouble.

cheering you on babe 


Hi Siom :-)

Well the great thing about chemo-rads is that it kicks cancers butt all over the body, which surgery does not do. The chemo rads in my opinion are actually easier to cope with than surgery so from my perspective, you have got yourself into a lucky position :-) Your doctors are going to keep a very close eye on this nodule for you and in the unlikely event that it is malignant and does not respond to your treatment, the doctors have other tricks up their sleeves to deal with it. Yes there are a couple of other women on here who have had mets to the lungs and they are doing just fine :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks for the replies.... Dont think ill google things like that again!  Due to start treatment 30 June nerves are really setting in now im not feeling strong emotionally as the days go by but I have to push myself and stay positive ....have a pain in my left side today near my hip bone stressing now with every ache which is not helping 

Hi Siom :-)

Never ever Google anything to do with cancer! That is an order ;-) Ask questions on here and you will get open and honest answers. Spend the next few days before treatment starts giving yourself some nice treats because during treatment you will probably feel too tired to go out and have fun. Try not to stress about what the treatment will be like because for the vast majority of us, tired is all it is. Some people get a bit of nausea, but that is usually fixed with anti-nausea pills. Some people get a bit of diarrhoea which is annoying more than anything else. Some people get a metallic taste in their mouths which puts them off eating or drinking certain things. I didn't get a metallic taste but I went right off coffee which is bonkers because I am a coffee an hour person :-)

We all, every single one of us starts to imagine that every single ache, pain, imperfection, whatever is a sign that the disease is worse/spreading/returning. This is a phase you will go through, we all do but in time it does pass :-)

Be lucky :-)

Great advice from the girl Tiv.

I'm right there with you when it comes to aches and pains. I had a pain in my left side which I diagnosed, with Dr. google's help, as pancreatic cancer and a pain in my thumb which I diagnosed as rhumatoid arthritis, again courtesy of Dr. google. Needless to say, I was wrong both times.

The one good thing about all the scans etc that we have is that unlike the vast majority of the population, we will know exactly what's going on inside our bodies. Should anything at all be even thinking of kicking off, our docs will on it in a flash and sort it out. 

Keep jumping on and keeping us up to date. 

love t xx

Hey Siom,

when I was first diagnosed I was so happy they were going to give me a full hysterectomy and whip it all the hell away. Then the MRI and pet scan showed a couple of dodgy lymphs and they said they couldn't operate and I would have to have 5 weeks of  chemoradiation followed by some brachytherapy. 

Well in my eyes that was my life over! I was sure it wouldn't work. How could it? 

fast forward 5 weeks. I have finished my chemoradiation. It wasn't easy. I have been quite ill with it, but Tivs description is a good one. Everyone is different. The important thing is to keep talking to the medical team you will see everyday and they can fix and tweak your mess to help you feel better if you do feel crappy. Also, my tumour has shrunk to pretty much nothing and the luymphs are shrinking too. I have to be patient and wait for my body to munch them up completely but its a very positive result so far and the docs are really pleased so I'm a happy bunny :) and I'm sure you will be too. (It can take longer than that for your body to munch up the destroyed tumour and lymphs so patience is key). Like I said, fast forward 5 was. It's all done, and I'm already feeling much better. The sickness is gone. Hurrah :) 

you are going to get through this all just fine and we will all be here to help you along the way, holding your hand, cheering you on And celebrating at the end. 

Now just stay away from google as tempting as it is! 

Much love hunni, xxxx


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