I went for a smear today as I received a letter from the doctor requesting I go after a test came back I had abdormalities in the cervix.. I was already worried from this letter so as mentioned I went today and as explaining to my nurse that my young sister aged 25 was rushed to hospital wid growths on her overies just the weekend gone. She began to explain to me that she had sent out a letter back in 2009 saying once again I had abdormalities in the womb which were HIGH at the time. As we are now in 2013 and  had not recieved this letter I am very worried. If the test back then requests I go for a colposcopy that I didn't go to 4 years ago... What are my chances.

Hi Keena, 

Firstly try not too worry too much, best thing you can do is wait for your results, if it says you need the colposcopy then go along. It might not be as bad as you think, unfortunately when we're told something might be wrong we always fear the worse. 

If u need the colposcopy, they shouldn't take too long to get in touch with you, I received my letter less than a week after my smear. The sooner the better. 

All I can suggest is to hang in there and take it one step at the time hun. Hope that helps. 

Sara x