Hey guys im new here and im just looking for advise and opinions.. Ive experienced alot of symptoms in the past few months and finally went to my gp last week,.. Hes reffered me to a gynecologist and i have an apointment on the 4th of november.. Im 23 so have never had a smear test because have to be 25 where im at .. But whilst examined at my gp they found an errosion so maybe that the cause but ive also got the hpv virus so im freaking a little. . here are a few of my symptoms back pain feeling drained headaches .. Brown discharge spotting here and there pain after sex and bleeding. And sometimes bleeding so heavy ive soaked threw a tampon in less than 20 mins. ( litrally)  ... Im not pregnant and ive been tested for stis. But the bleeding is happening alot and ive not had regular periods since befpre my second child in 2013. Any opinions wpuld be appreciated.. Be as brutally honest as you want .. Ive done a lot of research and im kind pf prepared for tge worse case senario .. Thanks guys.