Hi all!


Need some advice. I had my smear last month along with an examination by my doctor as I was having bleeding (I basically had about 2 weeks of a period). She said there was possibly erosion and I ended up also having an infection, which antibiotics took care of. I received my smear results and all was normal. I then received a letter from the hospital 2 weeks ago for an appointment in a couple of months for the women's out patients department (I was expecting this letter). However, on Thursday I received another letter for a colposcopy appointment for tomorrow(!!!). Now I'm slightly worried about how quick the appointment is to receiving the letter. How worried should I be?? I haven't told anyone about it, not even my boyfriend (mainly as it's his birthday this week!!).  Will I be able to drive ok afterwards tomorrow?


like many of you, trying to take all the information given in is hard. 

Hi sophie,

i had a slightly similar situation with the letters (I had an abnormal smear) I received a letter one day saying my colposcopy appointment was for over a month later then the following day had one saying they felt it necessary to change for a few days later- I also freaked out and was worried why they wanted me in so soon but I believe it was down to a cancellation. 

Your smear results being clear is great news and it's good that they're looking into to your bleeding.

My husband drove me to my appointent but he really didn't need to as I felt absolutely fine afterwards. 

good luck for tomorrow. X

any sign of hpv infection they will want to have you in for a colposcopy. I drove myself for that appointment and my lletz treatments. Wasn't anything out of the ordinary just a tad cramp.

hope it goes well, you should speak to somebody though just so you can talk it out. :)


I have got some abnormalities but nothing to be worried about apparently. Dr said its the cause is likely to be the pill. She did mention an infection that whenever I decided to have babies I need to tell the midwife about - can anyone shed any light?? 

Hi Sophie

The infection is Strep B. It's harmless to you but can be very harmful if passed on to your baby.


Thanks. I did speak to a nurse friend who suggested that but when I looked it up I thought it was something else (it matched to my line of work working with small children)