worried :(!

Hi guys! I'm new here, hope you are all well :)

I am 24 years old and today I received the results of my first smear test. The letter states that there have been "minor changes" in my results and I have to go for another smear test in 6 months time. im really scared about this! do I need to go for a colposcopy? do I have hpv? the letter gives no grading of results and only says what I have indicated. Has anyone had this similar experience? I know I should try not to worry but I really am


thankyou xx

Hey!! Just thought is share my experience Ms hope it makes u feel a little reassured and better. I know exactly how ur feeling!! Myself being 25 first smear was not expecting my result it came back borderline cell changes and evidence of hpv im having to go for a colposcope which is on Monday 2nd im dreading it!!! Now from my understanding you have minor changes which is the pretty much the same as mine! However where I have been tested and positive for hpv mines getting followed up so I'm assuming yours was negative for hpv!! exactky why you just need to go back for a routine smear I've been doing a lot of googling!! Did me know good but wanted to make an understanding of it! Birderline of minor cells changes usually sort themselves out and go back to normal on there own So that may well be exactly what will happen to us. Just keep yourself healthy relax try not to think about it get lots of sleep etc and hopefully your immune system will fight it off! I've been doing a lot of research and have changed my diet to slightly more healthy im a vegatarian anyway! I've been eating alor of vbrocolli rasberries fruit etc  u can find all Thai on Google good food for the cervix so to speak! I've also been drinking a few cups of green tea a day to help also I like to feel in control of things so that's my way and it can't do any harm get yourself some folic acid vitamins relax and go along to your next smear! I'm sure it will all be fine!! Stay healthy and message me anytime I'll let you know how mine goes if that helps!! Wish me luck and hugs Darling please don't elt it stress u too much xxx

Thankyou for your reply!

it just worried and confused me as it doesn't say whether I was positive or negative for hpv, don't know if it was even tested for :(! I have also been googling and ive got myself worked up into a total panic about it all. I worked away last summer and I was a bit promiscuous which I am so disappointed in myself for, and now I feel like if i hadn't have done that this wouldn't have happened. So annoyed with myself. 

ive got a docs appointment tomorrow so I don't know if it's worth mentioning it to him while I'm there anyways. On a bit of a health kick Just now anyway so I will keep that up! 

yeah let me know how you get on hun, I hope everything goes ok for you! Xxxx

Please don't worry about what's happened in the past your young as am I we only live once!! Don't beat yourself up over that! If you google hpv it will give u a little more insight into it.. Most women have it once in there lifetime and it usually gets kicked off by immune system and healthy eating etc!! So I'm hoping that will happen to me.. I don't know what strain I have of it either yet so will hopefully know more on Monday! Sorry to sound a bit crude but evan if u used a protection or u didn't there still chance of getting it anyway!! It's skin to skin contact guessing you just got to be a lucky one to not contract it!! Please don't stress about your summer focus on keeping yourself healthy lots of good foods drinks exercise and sleep. Try green ta ment to have a lot of health benefits and good for hpv and cervucal dyplaxia evan tgough u haven't got these it can't precent you cells from going any further and getting back to normal!!  As for it not saying positive or negative! im not sure where uou are from but I'm sure everywhere is texting for hpv now with any abnormalities so I'm sure they would have! It's defianteky worth mentioning to your docter tomorrow anyway maybe he can look into your notes further and out your mind at rest if ur hasn't been tested which is unlikely maybe worth taking matter into your own hands and taking yourself along to et tested then whichever the result is you can go from there!! goodluck on the whole health kick thing!! I've been driving myself crazy for weekend googling things then I started imagining things im sure of it and I'm all tense and have back ache now vut im hoping that's all stress and anxiety!! I'll definateky keep you posted hope docters go well Tom xxxxx

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Thank you hun you have eased my mind a little! I know I'm trying not to be too hard on myself but I guess we can't help it Haha. I live in Scotland so I'm not sure if hpv is tested for alongside the smear or what. Haha I know exactly how you feel, two hours of googling and I've diagnosed myself already lol. 


Haha bless u! Glad ive kind of helped! I know it isn't easy trust me I'm living it myself! Just ask your docter im sure he can give you a little more insight into what they did with your smear.. And then u can go from there. as for self diagnosing ive gone through everything if I believed everything on Google I doubt I'd be here now ;) Big hugs talk soon xxx