Over the past 2 weeks I have been bleeding not heavy but enough to have to wear a tampon it only occurs in the mornings when I wake up its not my period as that has already been and gone, ive had pains in my abdomen and it's my stomach has swollen a little bit I'm beginning to worry now. I'm currently waiting to be screened for a lump in my breast also what should I do?

Hope you can help


Hi Samantha :-)

just wanted to say thinking of you, it must be a stressful time. About the bleeding, personally I would play it safe and call my GP asap to discuss it. Good luck with your mammography x

It most definitely is stressful ive had to wait almost 6 weeks to be seen so hopefully all is well. thank you for replying x

Hi Samantha,

I would definitely see my GP about this. It may not be anything to worry about but obviously it is important to have it looked in to (and hopefully stopped!) 

Good luck with your scans