In 2003 I had an abnormal smear (severe dyskariosis) was referred to have a colposcopy. I was diagnosed as having CIN3 had treatment and then had smears every year for 10 years, they were all negative. On my 10th year I had a negative smear but HPV virus was found. I was referred back to hospital and the dr told me my immune system would clear the virus and I was to go back on 3yr smears. I am so worried that my immune system won't have cleared the virus and worried it will turn into cancer. am I justified asking for a smear even though I'm not due for another 2 years? 

I have had treatment for CIN3 too and i got a smear 6 months later, like you my smear was negative but HPV virus was found.  i have been referred to hospital next month

i agree with you i would have thought they would have done another 1 year smear just to make sure HPV is gone, then put u back to 3 year smears, if that happens to me i think i will see if i can get smear done privately in another 6 months just to see if HPV is gone


i couldnt wait till 3 years before finding out





Hiya, I don't think I can wait any longer. I'm going to make an appointment I need to know and not keep worrying. 

Hi Nicky,

You are absolutely right, anxiety is no good for general well-being and if you can't persuade the NHS to test you sooner then go private, Surely a simple smear test can't break the bank?

Be lucky