Worried :(

Help borderline changes and hpv positive colposcopy on tuesday coming and worried sick! I'm 28 had my first smear at 25 that was normal now I'm chewing myself up thinking what if this borderline result means I have cancer...I have extreme anxiety so any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance ladies xxx

Hello sweetheart,

I think I am correct in saying that 'borderline' means just that. After that there are three different stages of dyskariosis (CIN 1 2 and 3) before anybody begins to call it cancer. Your colposcopy on Tuesday will tell you more accurately than your smear test, but if you have cancer I will eat my hat.

Be lucky


Hi Anxietygirl

Try not to worry, borderline changes are exactly that. The fact that they have called you for a colposcopy is a good thing as it will help put the result in to perspective for you. Some people with borderline changes are not even called for colposcopy and just get an early smear recall like I did. In fact in all honesty being called in probably would have made me take it more seriously and perhaps I would not have skipped my review and not be at CIN3 today! 

Its very likely that they will just have a good look around (not the most thrilling day out but will put your mind at rest!) and then recall you for another smear in 6 months to see if the HPV infection has cleared and the borderline changes have resolved. Which quite often I believe they do. In the meantime bear in mind that HPV is a virus so anything you can do to boost your immune system and kick its butt would be warmly welcomed by your body. This includes limiting stress :-) 

Honestly, do not worry. 

Good luck with Tuesday, do come back and post as it may really help others in the same situation. 



Good Morning Tivoli,

Not stalking you, honestly! :-)


Tivoli and Suzysooz have said it all. Please try not to worry. Do all the things you usually do to deal with the anxiety. Be CalmGirl2 today! ;)

Kirsty xx

Thankyou so much for replying to me ladies I feel slightly calmer now and just want this colposcopy out the way, I feel quite silly really considering many women on this site are going through or have been through a lot worse. I just can't help think worst case scenario...god I hate anxiety! When I attended my smear my period was due a few days later do you think this could have caused a bordeline result? Also I had a slight bleed during my smear I was extremely tense at the time and could not relax my nurse wasn't worried but i am thinking this means something bad as I never bled at my first smear. Sorry for going on i just can't help myself xxx


That is exactly what this lovely place is for. Letting off steam.

I was a naughty girl and had a little frisky business the night before my smear (booked it in a panic the morning after as had a bit of blood for the 2nd time) anyway, I was kind of hoping that this may have distorted my results, which I don't think it did. Probably just made it a bit icky for the nurse, but she gave me a good jab to let me know her discontent! I'm not sure of being close to your P makes much difference but they do usually say mid-cycle. 

Honestly it is really important to get checked, but borderline changes are really not anything to be concerned about, only that it will need monitoring. A bit of a crap comparison but think of it like being pre-diabetic or something, it needs monitoring to ensure that it is resolved, it does not mean that you will ever become diabetic.

Not long now. Make sure you have something nice lined up to take your mind off it x