I had a letter through in April to advise my smear test had come back showing high grade dyskaryosis, this scared me as I have always had normal smears. I was booked for a colposcopy on 12th may which I attended yesterday. My friend came with me and I have to say I found the experience traumatic, probably as I was tense and nervous and also i was told I would definitely be having the lletz treatment .

The Dr was unsure at one point whether she was going to do the lletz there and then due to my cervix having numerous areas and the dye not showing up many brown areas however the treatment happened and biopsies taken of areas that looked suspect. I was told that the cells were pre cancerous, no cin grading was mentioned just that I would hear the results in 6 weeks and would then find out whether I will need smears every 6mths and be tested for the hpv virus.

I feel that I should have asked more questions as 6 weeks seems a long wait, also I was concerned when the dye not showing was discussed. I had never thought about my smear being abnormal and felt I had no symtons however have had to wee often for over a year, had mild pain in my right calf for months and also had a dull ache in my lower back and side which comes and goes. All of this I felt was due to something else like drinking too much fluid, bad posture etc but having read up on signs of cc I'm not so sure.

So I guess it's going to be a long 6 weeks wait :-( 



Yes, the waiting is awful when you are waiting for results.  I had a call about 10 days after my colposcopy saying the consultant wanted to see me and it was then that I was told I had CC.  From what I've read and heard they don't leave it the full waiting time if they have found something.

I too was weeing a lot but they also found a 10cm cyst on my ovary which could have been causing that.

Hopefully your results will be OK, you can always phone up after a while to see if they have come through yet.

Good luck.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi, I know it's scary but try not to worry. If you felt you had no symptoms your probably haven't, you have just been reading and scaring yourself. I did it after my colposcopy too! They will biopsy the bits they took and then confirm the CIN grading, if she told you in was pre- cancerous I bet it is. I think they can often spot the cancerous cells, and rush your biopsy not tell you it will be 6 weeks. Please try not to worry I know it's hard, I'm waiting for my lletz results too xx