Hi there guys, i am new to this site and just looking for people to talk to who are going through the same thing as me.. I am 26 years old and January 2013 i was diagnosed with Cin 3 and had to have my abnormal cells removed, went back in
September 2013 for smeer and colposcopy and was told the abnormal cells were removed however i have high risk HPV so
therefor have to attent colposcopy 6 months later.. i went for this last week and was told that a small white area has returned
however they are not sure if this is the HPV virus or whether its abnormal cells. I had a biopsy done and am waiting on the
results. I am very scared about this.. i dont have any children and wanted to try for a baby this year, i am scared that its
going to effect my chances of having children.. if its come back a second time in the space of 6 months then whats to say
it wont come back again? Be greatful for anyones advice and just for people to talk to about this.

Emma x

Hiya, it's a hard time to go through when we get the dreaded letter or something telling us we have something wrong,

i had CIN3 rremoved via Lletz almost two weeks ago I'm still waiting for the results although I did have a biopsy and that also showed CIN3

i know that depending on the size of the area you can have another Lletz procedure then go on to have children they say it can lead to premature birth due to the 

cervix being weaker, if you were to fall pregnant you can mention to your modwife what procedures you've had done and they will keep more of an eye on you.

Please don't think this is going to effect your chances until you know exactly what it is, and what they plan to do about it did they say how long for the biopsy results? 



Hey there, thank you for replying to me it sure helps talking to others going through the same thing. When I was first told I had abmormal cells and needed letz treatment I was so scared!!! But the treatment itself was fine, I didn't find it painful however I was put out for mine. When I went back 6 months after and got the all clear I was so relived but then knowing I'm at high risk HPV just scares the hell out of me.. I really hoped that when I went back last week the virus would have gone I sure as hell wasn't expecting a biopsy... I cried like a baby. I find out 4-6 weeks what's going to be happening next.. It could be a case of being checked again and biopsy in 6 months or another letz procedure. I am upset due to the fact that I wanted to try for a baby this year, I feel now this is a set back if you know what I mean? Good luck with your letz and keep me posted, procedure sounds more scary than it is xx

Sorry I read that wrong, you have had your letz done? how did you find it? I think it was 2-4 weeks when I got my results back from having the treatment xx

Hiya, I know how you feel lile you can't make any plans or anything with this hanging over you no matter the tesults

i was put under for mine too, I have an infection so still have pain but everything else is good I hope that you can go back to 6 monthly and then everything goes back

to normal, Ic read on here some ladies who have fallen pregnant between smears and have been absolutely fine xxx

Hey Emma. I am in a similar boat to you. I'm waiting on the resuldts of my second follow up smear. My last one was clear but hpv positive so I'm back again. 

Like you, I'm gutted that the virus is still present,  and really worried about the mischief it might be causing. I am anxiously awaiting the results. I too was planning on starting a family this year. I'm also getting married in august and do not want this hanging over me!

I have heard it can take a few years for the virus to go. I guess it is good to know we are being monitored and that we are the lucky ones for having our abnormal cells caught in time. I too have heard a lot about ladies having two lletz procedures and going on to have healthy pregnancies. So even if it comes to that, it doesn't have to be bad news for our fertility. 

Hope this helps. Good to have support here even though i wish we didn't need to be! Xx

Thanks again for your reply guys... thats good to know Nicola i guess my main worry is that if it can come back a secondtime then whats to to say it wont a third, fourth and id need other treatments.. i know i should be trying to think postitive
but its so hard i've always been a big worrier of things. Hi Charlotte, its just horrible knowing that were high risk HPV i just
want it out of my body now, i am now trying to build my immune stystem up with mulivitamens, lots of fruit and veg as
ive heard a lot of people have managed to get rid of the hpv by changing diet and lifestyle.. keep me updated with
your results guys.. my biopsy should be 4-6 weeks i guess the longer it goes on the better!! xx


I'm the same as in i had a cin 3 smear last year, colp then Letz then a checkup smear 6 months later (march 2014) and that showed cin 3 and High risk HPV so ive had another colp and my second Lletz is 28th April (would have been yesterday but i'm going on holls saturday so they let me delay it), i'm just hoping they missed a few cells the first time but am also worrying like you about it going on and on. Hang in there, Heidi xxxx