Hi, I've just recieved the results of my last smear and it says it shows changes that need further investigation. I called my doctor and they said it was bordeline changes, the same as 6 months ago and 6 months (18 months) before that it was mild changes. The letter said I would get a colposcopy appoinmtent within 8 weeks... 8 weeks feels so long right now! I hear all the time about colposcopy showing up the real extent of problems, could the smears be wrong and not showing something much more serious? How common is that? I had mild changes 6 years ago, went to colposcopy, had a punch biopsy which showed HPV and this went back to normal at next colposcopy/smear 6 months later. This time it doesn't appear to be going back to normal or at least not as quickly, could it still go back to normal now? Should I be worried? Because I really am! :( Thanks for any help and advice xx