Hi, I've been presenting cc symptoms since September last year, posted before about it. After ruling out everything with swabs, ultrasounds etc my GP told me there was nothing else she could do for me. I questioned the possibility of cc (I'm 23) and she told me my cervix 'looked fine' but she'd refer to me a gynecologist if it would put me at ease. I had the appointment yesterday, when they were doing the examination I saw the nurse point at the smear tests in the drawer and the doctor shook his head. I assumed it was because everything was normal but then he told me he was referring me for a colposcopy because he could see abnormalities, I didn't really think to ask anything at the time but now I'm worried sick that surely if he could see abnormalities without the microscope then something is wrong...

Hiya sorry you're going through this, don't think that because he seen abnormalities that it's CC 

hes a very good doctor for being able to see them, the colposcopy will then look a lot closer at the abnormal cells and see what grade they are you have CIN1 CIN2 and CIN3 

these three are the most common abnormalities, CIN2/3 need treatment but it would take years for those to turn in to CC I'm lead to believe, 

its completely normal to feel the way you do, I have CIN3 and need treatment I'm awaiting the results of the biopsy to have the treatment, did the doctor

say when your appointment would be?