Hi all, 


So I've done it. After having to have smers every year came to an end last year but then I got a letter again inviting me for a smear again and im petrified. 


I have the HPV virus I've been told that and when I had to go into have a colposcopy I had CIN1  but nothing happened aftef. 


Since then I have lost a close friend to Cervical Cancer and all I keep on thinking is what happened at my last smear. The specimen was so fully of blood they sent it back, so here I am again! Once is bad enkugh . I've now been havinG pain and bleeding after sex and my mind is going into overdrive. I also have to wait a week until I have the smear. 


Sorry just had to rant. I needed to tell people who understand. 

Aww Kirsty, I hope it all goes well for you. I won't say don't worry because it is only natural to worry. But you can do it. You have done it before, and if you have cin1 again I would ask them to remove them for your piece of mind because they haven't gone on their own.