Hi ladies, i’m worried about my upcoming loop treatment. After my colposcopy n biopsies i had some side effects that weren’t mentioned. I had trouble peeing, i felt like i needed to go n couldn’t n my bowel habits changed n my legs ached, wondered if anyone else had had similar side effects. It lasted a few days. Also i’ve had lower back pain since before xmas, n when they did the exam part of my cervix was swollen n painful, i think sex would be painful but i havn’t been sexually active in years. I’m really worried my biopsy results came back cin 3, n i notice a lot of you lovely ladies wern’t diagnosed till after treatment. I’m very veryworried.

Hi There

I can't help only to offer you a big cyber hug and to say I know exactly how your feeling. Its incredibly scary but just know your not alone at all in any way. Just try to breathe and remember that its so very very rare and the overwhelming likelihood is that it really is CIN3 that can be treated really quickly and usually thats the end of it. I should take my own advice actually!   Lets hope we look back on this in a years time and feel relieved it was caught and treated. xx