I feel a bit of a fraud posting as I haven't been diagnosed with cervical cancer or abnormal cells but I'm concerned about symptoms and cannot get a GP appointment until the 8th of September!!



So I was DX with PCOS around 18 months/2 years ago but suspect I've had it a good few years just that being on the pill masked the symptoms.


Around a year or so ago I started spotting between periods. Sometimes it would be around the time I should be ovulating, other times the day before my period properly started which is fine. Changes can happen.


My concern is my latest cycle. I'm currently on day 68 and still no period. What I have been getting is some intermittent spotting. Started last Monday and happened once a day for about 3 days then stopped. Then once more Friday night. Nothing more over the weekend but it returned this week, 2 days ago I had brown dsicharge and then bled, enough for me to think my period had starting albeit very lightly. That only happened the once and not since, however today I have been spotting again. It is literally just a bright red streak or brown when I wipe and nothing more.


I have all the feelings like I'm about to get my period. The soreness/heavy feeling, the back ache, spots and a bit of a belly ache which is normal for me just before bleeding starts. But nothing.


My main concern is obviously  Cervical cancer which has brought me here. My last smear was January 2017 and was  clear, I have also had internal US for an ovarian cyst. Most recent being October last year.




June 2017:

Transvaginal examination performed with verbal consent obtained.

Chaperone present.

A left ovarian simple cyst has increased in size and changed to

multilocular cyst measuring 5.7 x 4 x 5.4 cm. This cyst contains

approximatelly four locules, its septae are thin except cross point of

septae. Right ovary appears normal. A normal A/V uterus. The

endometrium is normal measuring 13 mm at the fundus. No free fluid in

the POD.


October 2017 - No notes but Transvaginal US showed that cyst had shrunk - everything else clear. 


Is it still possible this could be cervical cancer less than a year later?


Try not to worry. It’s unlikely that it is cervical cancer. PCOS has many of the symptoms you’ve described. Having PCOS myself, sometimes I go 3 months without a period, pain coming and going, spotting and bloating.

You’re doing the right thing seeing your GP to get it looked out. It’s very frustrating having to wait for an appointment. Perhaps give your practice a ring to see if they have any cancellations, or check with their online appointment system, if they have one. 

Hope it goes well for you.