Hello my nane is jess i am really concerned and not sure if some things will affect my smear so woundering if you cab help


Im 23 years old after giving birth to my don who was 11 weeks prem i becane really ill lost alot of weight tired just didnt seem right they tested me for addisons desiese which cane back negative before ny pregnancy i had a 21 day cicle and had lots of pain during and after sex i shoved it all of as pain came up normal for lots of reasons when i searched aftet my pregnancy i breast fed so of course no periods i had sex with my partner for the first time when baby was about 4 months and bled after sex i thought this was my period but then had another peiod of bleeding 2 weeks later so i thought this must be my period ....nope then nothing my partner has been away alot so then no sec life after 2 months ago when my baby was 6 months old we had sex and again lighy period for a few days after my baby was weaning on to solids so breastfeeding was only once ot twice a day at this point so i thought ahh my period two months later still no more period i did feel abit betyer for a couple of months so i thought me being ill was down to the traumatic pregnancy anf early labout but this past month i started with ny tiredness stopped wanting to go out just felt dreadfull at first i thought i was depreast but then ny appetite went down dramticly and ive lost a stone in a month non intentually ny appetite feel so non egsistant now i dont even feel up for my beloved cappuccinos :/ ive had terrible discharge somtimes mucusy and somtimes watery goes from clear to yellow alot then yesterday it had bloody red streaks in it and then this korning watery brown and goey and then clear then blood streaks again ive had on and off bad back pain and vague cramping in groin i also have quite alot of painless swollen lymph nodes  oh and frequent urination about 10 to 13 times a day


Tested for uti neg

Bloods normal but recently moved doctors they dony have any records of bloods previously 

Awaiting abdominal and lymph scan on ab groin and neck 

Tested for std neg 

My biggest question is does this sound like cervical cancet and will the blood in my discharge affect results of my smear test tomorrow ??