Hi well I had my smear test done about 3 wks ago now and Saturday I got the results to sat I'm severe high. I got the appointment through the same day for the colposcopy. I'm worried sick now as I have to wait till next Wednesday. What do they do and I'm scared even more coz it says severe on it. Please could someone put my mind at ease as I've been thinking about it ever since I got the letter and feel sick everytime I think about it x

Hi, i also have severe high grade diskaryosis, first of all dont panic! Easier said then done i know but you are in good hands now, at the colposcopy they will check the cells by putting a solution on to highlight any abnormal areas they make take a biopsy and maybe do the treatment there and then (i know some hospitals differ) so it depends of your case, im pregnant at the moment so any treatment will be delayed until my baby is born, so far i have had 2 colposcopys and they were fine, the nurses are all lovely an will reasure you throughout, good luck x