I had my colposcopy three weeks again I have been so worried. I got a call on Friday from the hospital which I missed and can’t call until
Monday (my mums first anniversary of passing of untrine cancer ) I had a letter come through with an appointment to see the consultant no results but it’s in over three weeks I’m petrified xxxx why no results

Hi Sallieann,

Sorry to hear about your mum. I have had the same as you only my appointments have been pretty quick. I got my letter from my colposcopy and biopsies stating I needed lletz and I would receive an appointment however I have absolutely no idea what the biopsy results are it just said I needed to have the abnormal cells removed. All of the waiting is awful I've driven myself mad with all the whys and what if's, I've resigned myself to the fact that I can't change anything but it doesn't stop the worry.

When I called the hospital chasing my letter she read it to me over the phone I was ok until I put the phone down and then I just burst into tears and didn't even give me the result. 

Try to keep your mind busy so you don't drive yourself crazy...easy said I know. 


Thank you so much Em X I keep fearing the worse and blaming myself that maybe I have missed something   

 my mind is going into overdrive and i can't sleep. I will call the hospital some point today and speak to them and see what they wanted.  I just need to sleep and chill be postive. 

Good luck to you today xxx please let me know how you got on xxxx ❤️


I am in-between having LLETZ a week ago and waiting for my results. I had a big gap between my colposcopy and treatment because I delayed for a holiday which they were fine with as the cells are slow growing and weeks don't make much difference it's months that do. I am struggling to sleep, it's all the waiting! 

Good luck

Well, traumatic visit to the hospital! Lady in before me took her partner with her after a couple of minutes there was a lot of hysterical screaming and shouting I have to admit I was ready for leaving I thought no way am I going in there!! 

Lots of drs and nurses running around, her poor partner had collapsed in there so I had to wait for them to get him sorted- hope he's ok. So I was traumatised before I even got in the room.

Anyway dr confirmed cin 2 & 3 from biopsy so at least I have some results now. Treatment wasn't bad at all very similar to the biopsy nurses were lovely and very calm given the situation they just dealt with. Didn't feel the local going in and didn't have to wait for it to take effect he started the lletz straight away.

The best advice I can give you if you're having it is to stay as calm and relaxed as possible and talk to the nurse stood next to you about anything weather holidays shopping, as soon as I stopped talking to her I could feel the treatment not in a painful way but a bit of pulling and pushing around and don't watch the screen!! Legs a little shaky towards the end and I felt a bit lightheaded when getting dressed but the nurse came to check on me.

At home recovering now and more results to wait for...hopefully just back in 6 months for check up. The waiting is the worst! Fingers crossed for us all x


Oh Em xx I have been thinking of you xxxxx I was in tears this morning as its mums anniversary I called the hospital to which I was told I hadn't been called I said I have a voice mail the proves otherwise she said my appointment was for a procdure. Anyway I'm waiting for the nurse to call me now xxxx 

Hope you feel better, thinking of you x 

Are they calling you back today? Let me know how you get on xx

Em my lovely nurse called me back she is so lovely.  

She apologised that nothing came out with the letter and it was just the appointment for the consultant. The appointment is for the procdure which is great to know and it's not maybe what I panic and thought about was the doctor telling me the worse which is what mum had. 

So I have what you had today on 25th April. 

My results came back as CN1 and CN2 so not too bad (I think) 

So will have the procedure and then hopefully go back in 6 mo the for a smear and it be back to ok.  

How you feeling, are you ok this evening any pain xx thank you so much for asking and being there 

Glad you have some info now :)

The nurses are fantastic can't fault them at all they're brilliant.

I'm ok a little cramping and random pains occasionally but nothing I didn't expect will see what tomorrow brings.

Treatment wasn't bad so try not to worry about it I took a couple of paracetamol and ibuprofen before I went in and didn't even feel the needle.

Hope you're feeling better about it now x 

Thank you xxx why more treatment for you X 

How you feeling today Em X