Worried. Waiting 3 weeks for test results.

Hello ladies.

I'm 35. Last November I had smear test results come back with HPV, come back in a year for another test. 

Yesterday, I had to go to a sexual health clinic after I discovered I had a sore. I thought I had cystitis for about a week, further investigation and application of loo roll proved that not to be the case, and as I've not been sexually active in 6 months, a concern. 

I thought I was spotting. Now don't think that's the case either - I've not had a period in 10 years plus thanks to the pill (I had horrific ones, heavy, cramps, the lot.) Happened two or three times this year. 

The doctor examined me, and it's just as well I said she might as well do an internal as I have an infected cervix. (My body is playing a game of 'whats the most random part we can mess up') The sore, she is treating as herpes but she is not at all convinced it is as it isn't appearing as typical herpes.  

If it's not settled down by the time she calls me with my results in three weeks time, and/or the results say, not herpes, I have to go have an urgent appointment with a gynecologist. 

I've done all the reading I can, STI transmisson/incubation times, what HPV on my smear means and basically, what she didn't say. That if it's not herpes, I could well have cancer.