Worried TMI warning


I am 46 and in December I had a hysterscopy

for abnormal bleeding. Was told it must be hormonal. 

But there was a large visable wart seen on the vaginal wall. I read about hpv and read that they don't treat them

if they are not bothersome. It is now. I can feel discomfort from it and there is a mucky discharge on a tampon from that area  I have a smear due in May is this normal?

many thanks  


The HPV strain that causes warts is the less serious type, so that good.. If it's causing you problems then I think they'd offer to remove it for you. Have you been referred? 


Thank you beyondconcerned 

No I haven't been referred. Im a little worried now that I have personally felt it. It is about the size of a small marble with a smooth texture.It is quite far up nowhere near the entrance.  Not sure what to think really. 

I think sometimes you should just be more pushy. If it's causing pain & bleeding I'd ask GP specifically to refer...

if you had the financial means maybe go privately? Xx

Im still very worried about this problem. I had my routine smear 4 weeks ago and the nurse who did it said she could she it but was not sure what is was. She wanted the doctor to take a look but she was not in the surgery. She told me to make an appointment to see the doctor who could take a look. I decided to wait for the smear results before making the appointment. I still haven't received the results so I rang this afternoon to chase them up and was told there is a backlog and waiting times are now 12 weeks. This is having a huge effect on me and I'm getting very worried. I am having brown discharge and bleeding after sex. Has anyone else had to wait 12 weeks.

Thanks for reading x