Worried they've made the wrong choice

Hi all, I had my 1st lletz and it showed cancer, I went today for a 2nd as they said they wanted to check it had all been taken out and wasn't any higher up, the Dr has then told me they decided once in there not to bother taking anything, on my discharge it says she gave a 'heavy' colopscopy and will be having a meeting about what to do next. They couldn't see anything she said but last time they said it looked like pre cancerous in just my glands and that was wrong ! I'm now terrified they will totally miss it since they haven't even biopsied just looked with the camera and even then she admitted she couldn't see very well, something about it healing funny from last time ! Has anyone ever done this? And they were right it was just gone ? Thank you xx 

You say "they are having a meeting to decide what to do next" Don't worry! It sounds like its going to MDT to decide the best plan for you. You haven't been dumped!


The lletz is a biopsy not just treatment so they will test it to see if they have got clear margins :) xx