Worried they missed something sinister

Good morning ladies, 

I am currently petrified after being sent for another colposcopy. my story- I had an abnormal smear in April 2014, followed by lletz in may. It came back CIN 1 and CIN 2 with clear margins. I then had a clear smear at ) month check in Nov, and also negative for hpv. Throughout this time I have had small amount of bleeding after intercourse. This continues so I went back to gp. My periods have also become very light and just a brown discharge rather than a period. Gp did pelvic exam and said all looked fine but as I was concerned would refer me for gynae appt. appt came through for colposcopy not gynae. I am now extremely worried that they missed something last year. Has this happened to anyone else?? 

Thanks x 




Cc would not develop so quickl,  esp after LLETZ with clear margins. And hpv negative. Worth getting checked out though, but I reckon you'll be fine. Xxx 

Thank you so much for replying, it is much appreciated. I keep telling myself that surely the colposcopy would not have missed anything and that I was hpv neg. it's just that I thought I could put this behind me for a while as put back to 3 yearly smears. Just have to keep everything crossed. Thank you xx



when I had my last smear the nurse said my cervix was slightly abnormal in the sense it should be closed but mine was slightly opened so I was bleeding at the slightest thing.  She explained it as if you were to rub your eyelid you would be ok but to do that to your eye you would be irritated and have redness and bleeding.  So basically the inside of my cervix is exposed.  I was supposed to be reffered to gyno to have it fused but in my smear they found I had high grade pre cancer abnormalities so I had to have a lletz under general anaesthetic where they removed the cells but also sorted my issue out with my cervix.  So I don't know if this would be the same issue for you but might explain why you have been referred to gyno, hope it helps :)