Worried - Swollen Lymph node sent for PET scan

Hi all, 


I've just been to see my consultant for my results of my MRI and they said there was a swollen Lymph node near my belly button and I need to go for a PET scan. They didn't seem to worried and they haven't rushed an appointment through for me but I am freaking out. All i can think is the worst as I don't know what else could casue it to swell. I had a Trach 6 months ago and non of the lymph nodes taken had no trace on cancer found in them so i'm not too sure how it could jump infect a lymph node so far away. I guess i'm just wondering if anyone has had something simular?


Since my initiial no more treatment needed i've had an abnormal smear and now this, I just want a good result!


Any help much much appriciated. 




Hi Amy,

I've no experience of this as I am just beginning my journey. I would try not to worry (easier said than done, I know). If your consultant hasn't rushed through the scan then they are probably just being cautious.

I wish you the best of luck. Hope you get some good news soon

Rachel x

Thanks Rachel, Im trying not to but it is hard. im hoping it's just my body still recovering for the surgery 6 months ago. I mean it is only one lymph node below below my belly button, I was think that if it was recurrence that it would have infected others along the way? I could be wrong though. oh god I'm such a worrier.

Just reading through forums, how are you getting on? What was the result of your scan? Xxxx

HI Amy,

I'm in the same situation as you, but I haven't had surgery yet. Diagnosed with CC 7.1.16 and MRI scan done. I've now been told the PET scan needs to be done to find out what this lymph node is. 

I'm in a massive panic now and thinking I need to plan my funeral this year. Sounds extreme I know. But I can't think what else it would be?