Hi all, i posted a few days ago as i was worried about urgent referral for 6 weeks of bleeding (32 yo on mini pill 3 yrs no periods) which has been very painful, pelvic and bk pain, i was sent to a different hospital that im used to (long history of cervical problems) so when i got there i realised it was a gyno/oncol department with posters/leaflets everywhere about cancer so i was nervous, i was called in and asked a brief history of whats been going on then told i was having a colposcopy plus endometrial biopsy, got to say iv had two c sections and 6 lumper punctures plus 3 ops to cervix but yesterday was very traumatic!! Due to having very little cervix left the doc was digging about trying to find it to examine which was excruciating and i could feel lots of digging and sharp pains which i thought was the biopsy but then she said going to do the endometrial biopsy now so of course i tensed up, my god i wish they had gave me something to numb or something cus it actually made me cry! (I have a very high pain thresh-hold i have rheumatoid arthritis!) i had taken 2 30mg co codamol but still felt pain, i was very shaken, it had took 30 mins start to finish but i noticed there was 4 different containers of tissue so wondering if there was more biopsies than i thought? I had no pre cancerous cells on examintation so could it have been a biopsy further into cervix? She said after if they didnt have enough tissue for biopsy i would have to go bk under GA so they could open the cervix up to look properly, she wants me to have another ultrasound and said i would get results in 4-6 weeks, this seems like a very long time to me and im now worried sick! How could there not be enough tissue when they took 4 lots? Sorry for rambling but i have no family support its just me and my two young children, praying this is not cancer xx

Hi I don't have much experience to share news of results etc with you but I've just had my first colposcopy and like you it was horrendous. I was told it was just like a normal smear but my god it was awful, they did numb it however when they came to take a biopsy and even though that stung like I don't know what the biopsy itself was OK. 

I was told 4-6 weeks for the results too and am currently 2 1/2 weeks in so hoping I only have 2 weeks to go but only time will tell. 

Hopefully they've taken enough tissue I know she took two lots as she said it wasn't enough on the first try. Let's hope both our results come back quickly and with good news xx

Thanks for your reply, iv not heard anything as yet but not even a week yet, im jumping at every phone call/ letter and im so stressed worrying! I have a scan today to so hoping that goes ok,i found the biopsy excruciatin! I would not want to go through it again while awake.  i hope you get good results and you hear soon instead of all this waiting! I dont think they realise how much pressure and stress it puts us under xx