Worried sixk First colposcopy

Hello new here

I have my first colposcopy on Thursday after my 3rd hpv pos, and I now have borderline changes for first time. I’m having to go private at it’s a 18 week wait and I’m petrified: I’ve been told‘this is not cancer by nurses, helplines etc and I don’t need to worry, I don’t understand how they can say this until I have my colposcopy and biopsy. I’m just sick of thinking about it. It must have laid dormant for years. I’m just so so scared of what they will find

Hi HPV pants
I am also new to this too so welcome. It’s all such a worry I know. I had 3 smears clear and my latest one in June showed borderline changes. I have been for a colcoscopy at the beginning of this month and they found CGIN which is a real worry for me but I get the impression that there’s lots of support on here. I am booked in for a lletz on the 1st sept which I can’t stop thinking about but have to take it one step at a time and deal with each bit at a time x

Thank you so much for replying😊it’s just a constant worry isn’t it, one minute I think it will all be ok, next min I’m imagining them taking me into a room and telling me the worst. Thank god for this forum as gps have been little to no help. Just want Thursday over with. I hope you are ok. Let me know how you get on😊

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No problems at all
I’ve found this forum to be so helpful,so hard to talk about it at home as nothing they can say or do and my partner doesn’t really understand it all. It is a constant worry and it’s all you think about isn’t it,it’s keeping me awake at night but then I’ve read lots of positive stories on here so very grateful for that. It seems a really long wait untill next Thursday but I just have to try and not think about it too much before then as nothing can be done in the meantime and will have to deal with whatever comes my way after the lletz. I will of course keep you posted :blush: xx

Always here if you need a quick reassurance chat,will probably do me good to :blush: xx

Thanks so much no one will be more pleased then my husband that you’ve said that as he’s probably sick of hearing about it, he’s been great but he doesn’t really get how and why I’m feeling so anxious, to him it’s as simple as they keeping an eye on you and you’ll be fine!

Yes totally the same this end,I don’t think they understand the amount of anxiety it causes you. Definitely here if you need a chat as I know I could do with one too :relaxed: x

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Hi there

Hope your having a good week and managing to not think about all things cervical! I wanted to ask you how you found your colposcopy? Was it very painful and how were you afterwards? :blush:

Yes, actually having a good week and not thinking all things cervical lol,off camping this weekend with the family so trying to focus on that instead and will then focus on the lletz treatment next week which I know will make me very anxious. The colcoscopy was okay,it was a bit uncomfortable but I wouldn’t say really painful and had a bit of bleeding afterwards but it was okay. Good luck,let me know how you get on :blush: x

Thank you :blush: and enjoy camping!.

Hopefully won’t make you feel too uncomfortable,I did feel a bit funny afterwards so make sure someone drives you if they can,let me know how you get on :pray: x

Hi HPV pants
Good luck for today :blush:

Aww thank you! I think I’ve covered every outcome mentally in my brain,:roll_eyes: had a wobble last night, but just want today over with then I’m on the way to knowing what I’m dealing with. I hope you are ok too, if you think of any questions you want me to ask let me know!might aswell get my moneys worth!!x

Yes,I had another wobble last night but then thinking that by this time next week my lletz will be over and done with and then it’ll just be the wait from that :pray::woman_facepalming:t2:.
Like you said,would be just nice to know what we’re dealing with now. Let me know how you get on. Could you ask them the possibility of finding out it’s cancer after having a lletz and if a biopsy from a colcoscopy normally picks it up? Xx

Will def ask and come back with some answers hopefully, also going to ask about this achh supplement which some people reccomend x

Excellent,I have cgin so it maybe slightly different for me as it’s in the canal,not sure. Yes,that would be good,I have been taking ahcc and when I asked them that at my colcoscopy they didn’t know anything about it. Which hospital will you be attending? I attended the r d and e in Exeter and they’d never heard of it so will be interesting x

Im in a private hospital in West Yorkshire as the wait times for nhs were just ridiculous and my anxiety couldn’t cope with it. Yea be read good things about Ahcc, can I ask where you ordered it from ?as it seems to be out of stock in high st places

I brought them from max botanicals online for £32 so much cheaper too. Excellent, let me know if they give you any answers :blush::pray:,good luck xx

Hiya, so it’s done, I fell to pieces when I got in there think it was the last 3 years of anxiety wanting to come out, they prob thought I was a real drama queen. He couldn’t see any bad cells, he said there was just a lighter area which was nothing he was concerned about, I basically pushed for a biopsy as I knew I’d be worrying about this ‘area’ so he did one so now need to wait for results. I did ask him about lletz treatment and whether this can determine if cancer if cancer is present, he said another biopsy would need to be taken when having the Lletz procedure. I also asked if cancer can be seen from a biopsy after a colposcopy and his words were ‘It would give me a good idea’like your hospital he knew nothing about ahc supplement but he said it wouldn’t do any harm so I’m def getting some. I hope that helps, it’s hard speaking to consultants isn’t it. So I’m having a bloody drink tonight thank god it’s done, and I just hope this biopsy is ok, please keep me updated on how you go, and always here to chat if you need to, I prob will go back into worry mode after i come down from the high of getting it over with x

Aahhh I am so pleased its done and out the way for you :blush:.
Well his words “it would give me a good idea” sounds quite promising but I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see untill after my procedure next week.
Yes,I thought go for it with the ahcc,thought it can’t do any harm lol.
Definitely have a drink tonight after that today,you deserve it. Thanks so much,I’ll be in touch next week no doubt and I’ll be falling to pieces again by Wednesday :woman_facepalming:t2: xx