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I'm waiting for my smear and swabs, Dr told me to make a double appointment with the nurse.  Nearest appointment is the 6th of August.


So a little bit of history, in 2009 I had severe bleeding and was passing clots the size of grapefruits, I was admitted to gynae and the first evening I collapsed and ended up having 4 blood transfusions.  I was in hospital for 4 days and they never found out whjat caused it.  It eased off the night before they were going to take m down to theatre to try and see what was going on.  Anyway things seemed to go back to my usual meduim flow, I had a daufgter in 2011 and the last year or so muy periods have been really heavy.  Thy tried me on the pill but it really messed up with my mood so I came off it.  Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, I was on day 3 of my period, the usual heaviness, but then I soaked through a super tampon in less than 10 mins, then I put in a super plus and a pad and was soaked in 30 mins.  Then I started to pass lasrge clots again, just bigger than a golf ball size.  This went on for about an hour befoer I called out of hours.  Saw a dr and since it had started to ease off she sent me home to monitor it.  I'm a lesbian and I've been with my partner for over a year and a half, I've started bleeding after sex, a week and a half ago I had bloody discharge that continued for a day after sex.

I saw one of the GP's after the very heavy bleeding who did a couple of swabs but she couldn't reach my cervix and she has referred me for an ultrasound.  Still no news on that.  I went back again on Monday to make her aware I was still bleeding after sex and thats when she told me to book in for a smear and other swabs, I'm not sure what kind of swabs.  I'm also now back on Iron tablets as I'm anaemic again.  For the past two months Its been taking me between 5-15 minutes to pass urine, its actually something I haven't mentioned to the dr but I'm going back to see the decent one tomorrow so will mention it then.  I have a few other health problems that cause chronic pain.  I don't get pain during sex but afterwards I've had pain in my lower back and felt crampy


I am totally terrified, I've been trying to distract myself and tell myself that this could all be caused by something simple but all I can think about is cervical cancer, I am so so scared.  I'm going back to my dr tomorrow because I am so anxious and down about all of this.  And the waiting is driving me crazy

Sorry this has been so long I just on't know what else to do 

Please try and stop worrying I know it's hard, I nearly made myself really ill worrying over abnormal smear which they told me I had high grade dyskaryosis. I was getting worked up because I had pain/ Bleding after sex abnormal periods all the time ( I still do!!) I went for colposcopy/lltez treatment where the treated abnormal cells which I'm not going to lie was not very pleasant. I had to wait what felt a lifetime for the results I have two children trying to keep it together was terrible however when my results came through they said they said they managed to remove all cells and I was to go bk in 6 months. I went back a few weeks ago to have another smear again worrying if it has come back and preparing myself for the worst but when I got the letter through there was no sign of Hpv and have been discharged and just need to go back to gp for my next smear in 3 years time. Don't do a me and read rubbish offline just stick to this site the Internet can sometimes feed u soo much garbage it's unreal. I hope everything goes ok for you xx


Thank you Mb 

Its crazy because I'm being obsessive!  Going to the GP this afternoon, she tales time t listen and I know she'll put my mind at ease.

Really appreactiate your comments and its great to hear things are ok with you 

Helen c

Just adding that I've had heavy bleeding again. Period started on Thursday, saw GP on Friday who was great and is giving me my smear next friday herself. She wanted to do it that day but couldn't because of my period.

came home and started losing lots of blood and loads of huge clots. ended up at out of hours and was prescribed tranexamic as is which didnt ease the bleeding straight away. Had a lot of blood loss and clots early hours of Saturday morning. Was called back to out of hours because my hemiglobin had dropped to 119 and they wanted to check it hadn't dropped further. Surprisingly it went back up to 124 within 10 hours.


so the bleeding has pretty much stopped, but I'm totally drained. All energy has been sucked out of me and I don't know where I'd be without my partner she's been fantastic.


Had my smear on Monday, although it took my GP a while as my cervix is posterior. She said it looked healthy and she couldn't see anything untoward but wait and see. She said smear results are taking 4-6 weeks just now??? 

Im getting my ultrasound scan tomorrow not orris to see if they can find out why I'm bleeding so heavily. Haven't been googling or worrying till tonight. At the moment I'm doing most of my thinking on the toilet because it's taking sooooo long for me to pee!!!! Driving me mad.

will be glad when this is over, it's hard going 

Oh I've ask been given tranexamic acid for my next period or next heavy bleed. I had calmed down. Now I just feel all the symptoms I have are pointing to some type of cancer down there.


wish I didn't have to go to the scan alone but my partner has to work and a friend is babysitting, I don't have family support so another appointment alone.

I don't think they'll give me Results tomorrow will they? Not sure if anyone is even reading this. But I'll ask to see the screen and ask if they can see anything 

Sorry about typos, I'm exhausted