worried sick

Hi everyone no idea where I should post this. 

Last Thursday I got the results of a smear that told me I had servere abnormalities.

I have had irregular periods since my last son was born 4 years ago but I always put it down to being overweight. I have just lost 5 stone and now the bleeding Is worse. I have also had post coital bleeding since October.  I am really worried about what is ahead of me. I have a colposcopy appointmentioned next Tuesday which I have no idea what's going to happen at. 

To make matters worse I had a breast biopsy 2 week ago and don't get results till next Wednesday. 

My hobby is horse riding will what ever happens at colposcopy appointment affect my riding 

sorry I am feeling really worried at the moment. Work and gp have signed me off as unfit for work until I get results I am trying to keep myself busy but my head is spinning x





Hello sweetheart :-)

Oh what a scary place you are in now, I am so sorry.

I am assuming that 5 stone was a healthy amount of weight to lose? If so, very well done, it can't have been easy. If I have got that wrong and it fell off frighteningly so then I apologise for misinterpretation.

I love horses and horse-riding too. I had to stop riding about 30 years ago because of chronically slipped discs, but you can still nuzzle, which is just so lovely.

I cannot offer you any advice at all, but I'd like you to know that I am thinking about you and I hope so much that it all works out really well and that your wait isn't too long.

Please, just for me, share some breath with a horse.



Thanks x 

yes I lost the weight in a controlled manor to make me better at my sport of showjumping.

I gave red who is my horse a snuggle from you x


Showjumping! I imagine Red is happy about the weight loss then ;-) Thanks so much for the snuggle.

Did you get your results yet?