Worried sick

So I had my hysteroscopy/colposcopy done yesterday and it wasn't the news I was hoping for a previous gyno doctor had given me an internal were he told me he was pretty sure I had a polyp I know he couldn't no that for sure with out a full examination I had to stop him looking further because I have a high cervix it can be painful he also said because my previous smear was clear I shouldnt be to concerned but here I am feeling more than a bit concerned! After my procedure which was done under general anaesthetic I was wheeled bk to my room i asked the nurse if they had removed the polyp an she said it hadn't mentioned removal of a polyp in my notes just that a biopsy had been done and I should hear something from the lab in the next 7-10 days as it has been put through as urgent! I asked if the surgeon who performed the surgery was going to see me an explain what had happened before I went home and she said she didn't think so! She seen I was pretty upset and anxious by this so about 20 minutes before up I came home the surgeon told me there was no polyp but a growth on my cervix and that she has done a punch biopsy on it and put it through as urgent. On my notes it says I have a friable (I think that's how u spell it! ) mass apparently that means when you touch it it breaks up. So now am left with this permanent knot in my stomach I'm trying to keep strong for my family and my 7yr old daughter but not sure how long I can keep a brave face on sorry for going on it's just am so frightened 

thanks for listening xx 

Normal smear 3yrs ago (due one in August this yr my second 1 am 28 this yr)

heavy bleeding for the last 4 weeks

blood transfusion needed

possible polyp

colposcopy done 30-5-14 mass found on cervix punch biopsy done awaiting results 

Just to add the 1 positive was that my womb and tubes looked normal and clear xx

Oh Hun I'm really sorry it wasn't the best news.  I know we've said b4 that we are in the same boat(I go in for mr hysteroscopy and biopsy tomorrow morning) I really feel for you.  It's another anxious wait now isn't it, that's the hard bit, trying to keep going as normal for the sake of the family. I know coz I've got 4 children from age 3-18 and it's so hard to think about ANYTHING else but this! My heart really does go out to you and I hope you get great news in a weeks time and yr not waiting too long for the results. I'm terrified about going in for my op tmoz but hopefully we can get through this together. Keep your chin up abd I'll post tmoz and let you know how I get on.