Worried Sick

Hi All,

I have just signed up and am new here, so this is my first post.

I have recently been to the gp with abnormal bleeding and watery discharge, which is constant. Has no odor. The gp did a smear and upon inspection said my cervix looked 'lumpy' and i bled on contact. She has made an urgent referral for 10th may for colposcopy.

I have oreviously had a normal smear but about 13 years ago i had treatment for erosion of cervix.I also had a molar pregnancy in 2005.

Has anyone been told with my above symptims that they had a rare form of cancer? i have read google constantly and have convinced myself i am going to die and will not see my two children grow up. Also how long did you wait until you sort help from the gp? i am worried mine has spread because of leaving my symptoms. On google it says cervical cancer is slow to grow unless it is the rare form, then it grows quickly. How quickly is quickly?

My worry is that because the gp could see something with the naked eye then maybe it is advanced. Please help!

Hi noodles

first of all, this is very important......"STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE".....we would all be dead if Google was true. 

Im terribly sorry to hear you are at this horrible stage of not knowing exactly what you are facing, it is the worst part in this journey. Until you go for a colposcopy and have a better picture you cannot detirmine what is to come. Take some comfort in knowing that 90% of patients with abnormal cells can be treated and cured with a lletz procedure. If you cannot then it can be cured via other methods. There are many parts to this but rest assured it can all be taken care of. 

You are not going to die! Try to stay positive,away from goggle and keep yourself busy. 

Sending positive vibes your way

Hi Lolli,

Thank you for your reply. I have been referred to a gynaecologist Oncologist which has worried me even more. Not sure why i have been referred straight to this specialist instead of a colpiscopy. It can only mean th GP suspects cancer?? 

my last smear was normal but abnormal cells cpuld have been missed if they were higher up the canal.

How are you getting on with the treatment? Hope its going eell so far

Bless you, how scary... All I can say is that you won't relax until you've seen the doctor... Lots of ladies I've met on this jour had bleeding on contact and it was all ok. If your last smear was normal then even if it is more serious hopefully it will be really early and very treatable... 

If it's any help I had lots of symptoms and was convinced something more sinister was going on. On top of that when I had my smear the nurse said indirectly if I wanted to talk about the results I'm more than welcome to give them a call... That sebt me in a flat spin as it obviously didn't look normal xx