Worried sick...never been for a smear but odd symptoms

Hi all,

I am absolutely ashamed to admit that I have never been through a smear, despite having 3 children (10, 8 and 4) and giving

birth naturally I have been petrified to go for a smear. I have had lots of reminders through the post but just kept putting it off 

eventually months have turned into years and I am now 33 years old. 

I have always had longer menstrual cycles ever since I was 12/13 they would be more like 35 days long and in some cases even 

longer but generally normal. I am a bit prone to urine infections and get them often but have managed to keep them at bay with garlic 


I am a bit concerned about some symptoms I am having, praying it is just infection related but going out of my mind. 

*Fishy smell 
*Wet discharge
*My cycle is all over the place - these are dates for this year:





My Husband and I went on holiday 16th-26th July and on the 17th I had slight spotting after sex... it was such a slight amount

that I just used toilet tissue to wipe a few times (TMI) but I was convinced my period was showing up - well it didn't. 

Now today I am still waiting for my period to show, getting lots of cramps but no usual symptoms like sore boobs or anything. 
I've had no more spotting but I did have spotting back in April...again it was light no pads or anything needed. 

I am going out of my mind worrying, plan is to wait for my period to come and go and then get myself to the doctors for a smear

but I am petrified what they might find. :( 

I've been so stupid I know :(




Don't beat yourself up for not going for a smear previously. Just make sure you get booked in and checked out to be on the safe side. It's not nice but its neccessary to ensure you stay well. I hate going for my appointments but I always just think a few minutes of feeling uncomfortable is worth it to make sure nothing develops . And try not to get ahead of yourself- I'm waiting for a lletz treatment and I did loads of googling to see what if this happens or what if that happens and all it does is make you upset. hope you get seen to soon x 

I'm in the same boat!  Hang in there.  I made my appointment but it's not for three weeks.  

Hang in there hun, perhaps give your surgery a call and book a preliminary date for a smear and you can always rearrange if you get your period? 

Please don't beat yourself up for not going, the important thing is you are going to. I'm in a similar situation, ive just turned 30, my daughter is 2 & after years of fertility testing I couldn't bear the further anxiety of having my smear and managed to avoid it until the fear in my mind that something could be very very wrong grabbed a hold and I went for my screening on 31st july. Leading up to having it, I had so many symptoms and the fear gripped me to the point of tears many many times. For me, the waiting is worse than the doing. I'm still waiting for my results, which is hard, but I know now that if there is something up it will be dealt with.

It's worth mentioning that your symptoms could be of any number of things, but it's important you get this checked out first and then speak to a doctor about any concerns you have.

lots of love xx