Worried sick from abnormal smear

I recently had my first smear test after turning 25. My results came back as severe dyskaryosis and have invited me to a colposcopy. I have been worried sick and googling every possible answer which hasn't helped. I have all different thoughts going through my mind and I just want some positive feedback. One topic has worried me the most, that being HPV? This seems to pop up in every google search if made. When I spoke to the nurse she said that if I had this then they would of stated that in the letter I received? Is this right? I know what to expect from the colposcopy and more then anything want it over and done with. Am I likely to have this sorted on the day? I don't think I could have this continuing. I have A one year old daughter, and I'm worried about my future. 


Stevie x

Hey Hun, 

first of all do not worry! I did the exact same as you and googled every spare second I had, stick to this forum and you get all the info u need from brave ladies who have been through it! Right.. u mentioned the HPV virus- in the uk they have only just introduced manditory hpv testing on smear which result in "boderline or mild dykaryosis" they only test these two results as these changes could be nothing to worry about which would mean they would waste money (nhs) in sending the ladies who are hpv negative to a colposcopy. If they are hpv negative with a borderline result then they just go bk 6 months later. If they borderline / mild and hpv positive it means the smear result needs investigating by a colposcopy. Since u had the result of severe dykaryosis this mean (nhs money wise) that you def need a colposcopy. My friend had the same result as you and at her colposcopy she asked if this means she had hpv and they said yes. Think if you have anything above mild smear result then you are very likely to have the hpv. To be honest tho iv got the high roak hpv and to me it doesn't mean anything other than its causing my cervical changes. Doesn't affect me in any other way so :) as for the colposcopy it's fine, I had mine over a week ago and a biopsy and I had major cramps that day but we can all deal with that. Sorry it is so long haha. Hope your ok xxx

Thank you gem I appreciate your reply. I still worry about a few things I just hope all is overand dome with very soon. thanks again for your support x

No problem :) yh I understand ur worried don't get me wrong, I'm still worried. But the worst bit of it all is the unknown and the waiting. Iv read almost every post on here probably a few times over, driving myself mad. main thing iv learnt is that every case is different, some women who had severe dykaryosis smear result have gone to the colposcopy appointment and had a biopsy and results came back normal, some came bk as CIN2-3 yet some women with borderline smears have had the biopsy and the result is CC. People guess that severe dyk would suggest u had CIN 2 or 3. Then it's a matter of having a Lletz treatment and then they are fine. There are so many different situations n possibilities n if u try n think of them all you will go mad. stay strong and focus on your little girl n then act on what the doctors tell you next. i really do hope you are ok and wish you all the best. Xxx

Just a thought too.. You mentioned having a 1 year old little girl, did they not give u a smear when you were pregnant? They always do you just may not have been told so much as its a routine thing. Maybe it's worth asking your doctor tho as if you did have one then your colposcopy consultant will want to know the result as it will give him a bigger picture. It just popped into my head. I'm thinking maybe it was normal that's why you can't remember it when pregnant as they test and prod u throughout the pregnancy. Either way just a thought xxxxx

Hi Stevie,

Just thought i would write a quick message. I am not going to say try not to worry we all do and its natural. I was exactly the same, i had my first smear at 23 all clear then my second one at 28! I was worried started googling every possible outcome, strangely if anything it helped me because i found that not all abnormalities are linked to cancer. They can be down to hormonal changes etc.

The HPV virus is like a cold virus there isnt a cure as your body should naturally get rid of it.  Dont be alarmed by them wanting to check you out and make sure everything is ok. 

Try not to think about it until you have seen the doctor, let us know how you get on. Stay off google! :-) lots of lovely ladies on here are going through the same thing, feel free to PM me if you need to chat.

Big hugs

Trudy xx

I'm pretty sure I did have a smear when pregnant, I just can't recall ever getting results. My apps 26th so I feel better about that. Only thing is I started to bleed on the 14th randomly... That's all I need. I had the implant put in 8 months ago and they did say I'd have irregular bleeding but haven't bled for 2months plus. I'm now thinking is it from the smear, me worrying too much or just the irregular bleeding?! Wish I could stop thinking about it all together. 


Thanks ladies, your comments have made me feel better xx

Hi, it's worth mentioning the smear when you were pregnant as they may want to know but I'm not too sure if its that relevant. Makes me think that it must have came back normal though and that's the reason you cant remember the result. As for the bleeding that is one question they will ask at your colposcopy appointment so it may be handy if you kept a note of the dates including the implant Etc. Glad ur all booked in, it will be over before you know it Stevie :) good luck at you appointment and let us know how you get on xxx